Republicans Without Principles; Leading the Presidential Race

If you want to see
proof that the current incarnation of the Republican Party is only about
gaining and keeping power, and that their supposed "ideology" is just a sham, take a good look at their presidentialRepublican_elephant_4
field. It’s
probably the most pathetic bunch I’ve seen in years. Seriously, look at it.


For 40 years, the
Republican Party has pretty much dominated presidential politics, and since
Ronald Reagan, has pushed an ideology that has taken this country to the brink
of disaster. Oh, they’ve been able to hide it pretty well, but the far right
has always been good at stealth politics. They fail, however, when trying to
actually implement their ideology, and put it into practical use. That’s
probably because the premises of their ideology are flat stupid and lack common
sense. But hey — their "base" loves it, so they pander. And pander.
And pander some more.


The results, of
course, are hilarious, as evidenced by the current field of candidates vying
for a chance to be beaten to a pulp by the Democratic nominee.


You have John McCain,
who blew his chance in 2000, when he sat in the corner and cried after Dubya
bitterly and baselessly attacked him personally. The strange thing is, being a
white guy who fathered a black baby is only an insult to Republican racists, so
McCain should have been able to recover, but he didn’t. And in 2008, you have the former
"maverick" with his head so far up Bush’s ass that he’s kissing hisMccain_shining
kidneys. This is a common thread throughout the current Republican campaign;
for some reason, this group of bozos (at least the frontrunners) has decided
that emulating and cheerleading a president with a 27% approval rating (during
wartime, no less!), and promising to continue the occupation of Iraq, which is
an unmitigated and unprecedented disaster and is supported by roughly the same
number of people, is a good strategy. Well, McCain gave up the
"maverick" title for good, the first time he left behind his lipstick
on George W. Bush’s right buttock.


But as disingenuous
(and that’s being kind) as McCain has been, he has nothing on Mitt Romney.


Mitt Romney actually
has a shot at the Republican nomination, which is mind boggling, since no one
in his right mind believes anything this man says. Seriously; if he told me the
earth was round, I’d have to go up in a space shuttle and have a look. This guy
panders to "the base" as if there are still no recording devices. The
problem is, see, he has no actual principles. His only principle is winning,
and he’s attempting to play to the base. The problem is, he’s a former
Massachusetts governor, and won that election by playing toRomneyhorn_2
that base just a
few years back. Up until a year or two ago, Mitt was unabashedly pro-choice, pro-gay and helped shepherd through a universal health care plan that is very much like the one he’s excoriating Hillary Clinton for these days. Flip-flopper doesn’t even begin to describe Romney; this guy must need a vise just to keep his head on straight.

Another lame-ass flip-flopper is Rudy Giuliani. I mean, who the hell does he think he’s fooling, anyway? There is no possible way he could have ever been elected Mayor of New York with the platform of steamingGuilianidrag
crap he’s trying to sell the Republican "base." He’s not claiming he wants to overturn Roe v. wade, despite the fact that we have him on video speaking to a pro-choice group and claiming that women should have the right to choose. he portrays himself as some sort of "anti-terror" guru, despite the fact that he practically told Clinton’s Justice Department to go to hell, when they tried to warn him about the Millennium terrorism plots.

Then, there’s Fred Thompson, who is without a doubt the most boring, unimaginative candidate I have ever seen in my life. I guess that’s what happens when you spend most of your life reciting lines that other people write for you. Yet, for months, the righties were clamoring for Fred to enter the race. Why? Because they’re looking for someone they think can win.

Those are the front runners, folks. Thompson and McCain have some right wing "cred," but the fact of the matter is, the rest are proof that the Republican Party will put power ahead of ideology every time they get a chance.

The strange thing is, the Republicans have three candidates in the race who should appeal to the "base." Like them or not, Mike Huckabee and Sam Brownback are very believably right wing, and certainly do not seem to be pretending to be something they’re not, in order to get votes. And Ron Paul, love him or hate him, is a died-in-the-wool (Capital L) Libertarian, who is consistent in his Libertarian values, to the point that he’s willing to buck the rest of the Republicans and say the Iraq occupation is a load of crap.

You have to give the nuts at the top of the Republican race a lot of credit. They know who their "base" is. Bigoted, racist, anti-immigration white pseudo-Christian assholes without two IQ points to rub together, but who they think will vote for anyone who says what they want to hear. They are people with no principles whatsoever, who will vote for anyone who can convince them that he will do anything they want, to stop "them people" from gaining any power at all; "them people" being pretty much anyone who isn’t a white male, because hey — white men were given this country by God, and goddammit, no one else will take itThompson_larry_cable_guy
from them.

You see, the problem is, if you appeal to the right wing "base" in order to win the primaries, at least the way the current crop of "front runners" doing things, you’re in deep shit when it comes time to run in the general election. This crop is in deep shit for a whole other reason; not only are they spouting hateful crap in order to get "the base" to vote for them, but there is a mountain of evidence that they’re lying in order to pander to them now. is anyone else looking forward to the television ads next year? Can you imagine Giuliani or Romney running against Clinton or Obama?

But that’s okay. No Republican stands a chance of winning the White House in 2008, anyway. The race is really about who will lose by the smallest margin…

Bye bye wingnuts…

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