If You’re Not Racist, Why DO You Still Support Trump?

Last week, a childhood friend posted an article on Facebook declaring that Donald Trump was a racist, and that anyone who still supported him is racist, too. Predictably, another childhood friend plaintively posted, “That’s not true.” I have never known that particular Trump fan to be racist at her heart, but then I thought about it; why do some people still support Trump at this point? What is there to support, really?

Seriously, forget the racism and xenophobia over immigration, just for a moment. What positives are there to hold onto that make one want to give Trump even qualified support? For the past three years, he has insulted any law enforcement or oversight officials who disagree with him on anything. He has insulted every member of Congress from either party who doesn’t give him their undying “loyalty,” which, in Trumpland, means they do exactly what he wants, 100%. He has made numerous deals with lawmakers, only to renege on the deal later. (The latest was that huge infrastructure plan, which was one of his promises in 2016.) He has also pulled out of virtually every treaty or agreement Obama ever liked, including NAFTA, as well as the TPP, which not only served to counter China’s advances in the global economy, while also fixing the problems with NAFTA. Trump keeps proclaiming having negotiated new agreements to replace those he just cancelled, but we haven;’t seen any that are actually better. In fact, we’re getting the impression that Trump is the worst negotiator in history. He sure as shit doesn’t have anything along the lines of the Marshall Plan, that’s for sure. And do we have to mention his massive bungling in North Korea? So far, Kim Jong Un has gotten everything he’s ever asked for, including greater credibility on the world stage, while we have gotten exactly dick in return. He’s continuing to develop nuclear weapons and test delivery methods, and all we have in return is a feint promise of a Trump Pyongyang, when North Korea someday becomes a capitalist country. They’ve held their ceasefire for almost 70 years now and there is no sign of anything resembling market capitalism. The people stuck in North Korea are among the poorest in the world, and many of them are starving, while the Kim family gets richer and builds up their military to an unsustainable level.

In other words, Trump’s record on foreign policy is pathetic, at best. His tearing up of the Iran deal, which resulted in Iran dismantling their nuclear program without firing a shot, has resulted in a major diminishment of our reputation around the world when it comes to making agreements and sticking to them. At the same time, he pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords, based on nothing more than he doesn’t believe the climate is changing, which is ridiculous.

Maybe you like Donny because he’s a “maverick.” Perhaps you like the way he thumbs his nose at tradition and does things his own way. That’s just insane, given that the way laws are created didn’t change when Trump was elected. As of now, it is crystal clear that Donny doesn’t do tradition because he has no idea what he’s doing. He doesn’t know what the job entails and he doesn’t know how to do it. Therefore, as one would expect, he is flailing, and doing whatever sounds good at the time. As best as can be figured, Trump thinks the “president” is the CEO of the country, which is inaccurate at best, and so he does things the way he did them for the Trump organization. Unfortunately for him, there is no common ground between running a privately held, family-owned corporation and running a government for the benefit of 320 million people.

Perhaps you support Trump because you like the idea that Trump has promised to “drain the swamp.” Well, you should be really disappointed by that aspect of this “presidency,” since it is easily the most corrupt in US History. Not only is he not “draining the swamp,” he’s adding more crap to it every day. Trump has complained routinely about how much money he’s losing by being “president,” but the reality is, he’s been doing everything he can to reduce his losses, which means he’s actively trying to make money off the government. Consider the weekly “golf vacations” he has taken since he was sworn in. All of them are taken at one of his properties, which means everyone in his entourage, including security and members of his Cabinet and White House inner circle, need rooms and meals and drinks and rounds of golf and whatever else, all at full charge to the American taxpayer, with all of that tax money going straight into Trump Organization coffers, which means he makes a significant amount of money from these gold vacations. And while it’s been tradition that presidents place everything they own into a blind trust, and while Trump promised to do that, he never did. In fact, his kids, who are supposed to be running his companies while they are in blind trust, are working in the White House, thus essentially taking the “blind” out of the trust. In fact, Donny has apparently been actively working on “deals” while “president,” which used to be seen as corrupt by most people in this country. Back in 2017, surely everyone remembers Trump’s over-the-top reaction to getting an investment from China for a planned Trump resort in Indonesia, after which Donny all-but-promised to do anything the Chinese wanted, thus solving the mystery of whether he could be compromised. Surely, you remember that; he even promised to help the Chinese save tech jobs with Huawei. That level of compromise, too, was always considered corrupt by previous generations of Americans.

Maybe you support Trump because you like the fact that Trump is “finally” cracking down on the “illegals” who have “invaded” our country and “taken our jobs.” Well, sorry but if you think such a thing, then your motivation is somewhat racist. The fact is, order crossings have actually been dropping for ten years, and brown people coming over the border haven’t been taking jobs any white Trump supporters want. Besides, even if that were true, wouldn’t it make more sense to go after the employers who hire them? Isn’t going after the undocumented workers who come here to work an awful lot like “whack-a-mole”? And look at what he’s doing, anyway. Dp you support throwing people who are coming here because they face torture and death in their own country back to their own country? If so, then you don’t know what America is supposed to be about. And Trump has ordered the kidnaping of children from their parents and thrown them makeshift jails to be warehoused, with no plan for returning them. Under Trump, we are committing crimes in the name of preventing “open borders,” which we have never had, and which no one has ever advocated for.

I could go on and on. Trump has been nothing short of incompetent as “president.” He has insulted and or agitated every one of our allies, and he takes credit for things he did not accomplish. For example, he claims the economy is the “best it’s ever been,” when it’s really not even as good as it was when Obama was president. He’s created far fewer jobs than Obama, and he brags about the stock market, when a president has little or nothing to do with the stock market. In any case, the stock market more than tripled under Obama, whereas it’s up maybe 20 percent under Trump. The best you can say is, Trump hasn’t done anything horrible enough t send the economy into a tailspin. That seems like a pretty good record for a Republican, but “not screwing up the economy” is not something previous presidents have ever bragged on before. And frankly, the trade war he’s started promises to send the economy into the shitter if he doesn’t stand down on it pretty soon.

So, if you still support Trump and you insist it’s not because you’re racist, you need to explain. Tell us in the comments. What has Trump done that makes him worthy of your continued full-throated support? Be specific, please.

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