If You’re Not Working for a Democratic Majority, You’re Not Working for Change

I love how certain unicorn progressives think anyone who doesn’t think like they do is some sort of sell-out. Just this morning, some clueless unicorn lover called me names because I suggested that we have no choice but to vote for all Democrats right now. Look; this isn’t my fault; this is the world the unicorn progressive have made. The guy actually repeated the old con, that swarms of “independents” could take over the government any day and rid us of this scourge of a “two-party system.”

My question for assholes like this is, it’s been 50 years since the dawn of the “progressive movement,” and that hasn’t happened yet, so how long do we wait. I mean, I know they haven’t noticed, but this country has been moving backward since Reagan; where are those “savior” independents after all this time?

I can’t tell you how many times a day I’m told that the United States is whatever sort of “-ocracy” that small-but-loud groups of progressives have decided we are that week. I’m then told that we’ve been taken over by corporations, and that all is lost forever, unless we have some sort of undefined “revolution.” Imagine a revolution in a country full of people who sit staring at their phones trying to foment “revolution” one Tweet at a time. These “armchair revolutionaries” are right to say there is a problem with our politics right now, but they will have to look inward for the source. It’s not “the system” that’s the problem; it’s the same system that was created with the country, and it’s the same system we had in those rip-roaring 1930s and 1960s. The problem is, too many liberals seem to think it was the protests and marches that created change in those eras, without taking into account that Democrats had a large supermajority both times.

Yes, folks, we still have a democracy. Ironically, in order to lose our democracy, a majority would vote for it. Unfortunately, a small-but-loud group of progressives thinks they can just avoid all of that messy “democracy” crap, and it is they who are mucking up the works.

Our system is a democratic republic. I can’t believe I have to type that out loud to supposedly liberal adults. Every 2-6 years, we, the people, choose who we want to represent us in various local, state and federal governmental bodies. The people who win those elections get to make laws and policy in their respective bodies, and they get to choose the various bureaucrats whom we rely on to provide us with government services. No one else does. Of course, only some of them get to do all of that – the majority caucus. See, government itself is also democratic, and the majority gets to do what it wants, while the minority gets to do only what the majority will allow.

Know what’s missing in that formula? Protest, marching, and occupying.

I’m not saying progressives shouldn’t do any of that, of course, but  too many progressives seem content with calling themselves “activists” because they march and occupy, and leaving it at that, and that’s just half-assed. Doing all of those things without an electoral strategy is just nuts. It’s not “activism,” any more than jogging by the US Capitol and shouting at the people inside is “activism.” I know you imagine Donald Trump looking out of the windows of the White House and cowering in fear at the masses of people marching, but, well, progressives have a reputation for not swaying voters. Worse, we nw have a reputation for not voting ourselves, or voting for candidates with no chance of winning, based on some asinine notion of “principle.”

If you want to strike fear in a politician, you have to show him a million VOTERS at your protest, not a million pissed off people who may or may not show up. You know why Republican politicians are afraid of right wingers? Because they will almost always vote for them and their coalition is getting thinner every election cycle. Every election, 85% or more of Republicans will show up to vote and most of the time, it’s more than 90 percent. As long as the current GOP is populated with right wing whackos who happily vote for a reality TV state who doesn;t give a flying fuck about them, we have a built in advantage. The problem is, a small-but-loud cadre of “progressives” flushes that advantage down the toilet every election. Democrats should win every fucking election because they’re better. Unfortunately, certain groups of “progressives” talk about the parties as if they both suck. That’s like saying there’s no difference between the flu and cancer. Even if you believe Democrats are the flu, the GOP is certainly a cancer on the democracy.

It’s time to grow a spine, unicorn progressives and professional lefties, and put all your weight behind the Democratic Party, if for no other reason than at least they’re not cancerous. And let’s be clear; we have two parties because that’s what our system allows for. It’s called basic math; in a democratic system, the side with the most votes runs things. Also, for chrissakes, learn politics and how it works. If you want Democrats to do more progressive things, you’ll have to show support first. The concept of “withholding support” can’t possibly work until you have established a strong record of support previously. Also, stick your “independent progressive” shtick where the sun doesn’t shine. Even after 50 years of “independence,” You have nothing to show for it. There are more Democrats than “Independents” and half or more “independents” are right wingers. You haven’t won shit in 50 years; at what point do you  The vote can only be a powerful tool if there are a lot of them, and they make a difference in an election. And let me reiterate; marching and demanding shit is pointless unless you also elect people who will at least consider your point of view.

Right now, this small, loud group of unicorn progressives and professional lefties are basically helping the right wing continue winning. If we want to run the system, progressives, then you have to be a part of the system in the first place. Stop standing outside the system and making demands. You’re not in a political position to do anything about it. You resemble kidnappers without a hostage who demand a million dollar ransom, anyway. In other words, you look silly. Support Democrats and come out in full voice against Republicans, and watch what happens. Progress all over the damn place.

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If You’re Not Working for a Democratic Majority, You’re Not Working for Change — 4 Comments

  1. Amen Milt. I especially hate it when the same “anti-establishment” progressives who failed to support Hillary Clinton bash her for “giving us Trump”. 100 percent correct…”withholding support” might as well be vote Republican. Thank you for your good post!

  2. Milt Shook is 100% right on. We need to stand for Democrats not some non-Democrat intentionally dividing our votes. They talk a good game, all the while they’re working against the people. It’s no secret the Republicans in office have decided it’s more monetarily beneficial to them to turn their backs on America and joined the greedy. They have so suppressed and Gerry-rigged all states that no Democrat can afford to throw away they’re vote on non-Democrats.