Ignore the Trumpers. Please.

I understand how easy it is to trash the Trumpers. The vast majority of them are uncaring, unfeeling assholes who either have too much money or not a pot to piss in. In other words, they are an easy target. I get it.

But sometimes, things seem just too easy, and often, rethinking it is important to do. For example, a lot of these people are just too stupid to bother with. Dealing with them takes time; time that is better spent speaking and dealing with people who have proper brain function, including those who know Fox News and the rest of the right wing media is messing with their heads, to the point of brainwashing.

This is not a problem that started with Trump. We all have had relatives who have been brainwashed by right-wing media for many years. My father was a Union Democrat until he and my mother moved to Arizona and he started working on a Native American reservation, in a remote area where he listened to the radio constantly, but he could only pick up stations with Rush Limbaugh on them. He started listening to Limbaugh in 1988 and by the time my son was a baby (he was born in 1990), Dad was a full-on right-wing whacko. No one could talk to him about anything and expect a cogent response; he would simply regurgitate something “Rush” said and took it as fact, whether true or not.

Before long, I learned never to talk politics to my father. I mean, when I was a teenager, he and I had some knock-down, drag-out fights, but he was never immune from facts before he became a goddamn “Ditto Head.” I could sometimes bring him back to common sense, like the time he was trying to convince me that minorities moving into white neighborhoods dropped property values and I asked him the simple question: “who decides the price of a house? The seller or the buyer?” He tried to bullshit for a minute, but he finally had to admit that SELLERS decided how much a house will cost, which means Black people moving into “White areas” is not what reduces real estate values. The FEAR of black people moving into their neighborhood caused white people to sell for less, so it was the white people reducing home values, not the Black or Brown people.

However, at that point, his brainwashing was almost complete, and by the time my son was about six, he was becoming impossible to talk to. Rush was always right, and there was no disagreeing with him. There was a time when we first moved to Arizona when most of the state’s politicians were Democrats, and he and I both voted for all of them. Seriously, Goldwater was practically the only statewide Republican politician. When Goldwater decided to retire, and John McCain ran for his seat, my father voted for McCain because of his war record, not because he loved Republicans. He voted for McCain and DiConcini, a Democrat, until he started listening to Rush Limbaugh.

The point is, both my parents died some time ago, but I learned a long time ago, there was nothing to be gained arguing with Dad about politics. It got me nowhere, and it was a waste of time. I have little doubt that Dad would have voted for Donald Trump if he were still alive in 2016, and it would have been pointless to even try to discuss Hillary Clinton with him.

That’s how I feel about people who continue to support Trump. If they voted for Trump in 2016, but they seem to regret that decision, that is one thing. However, if they still fully support Trump, even though Donny is proving himself to be the greatest fuck-up in the history of the American presidency, why would you ever waste your time discussing politics with that person? Perhaps you love speaking to people who are determined to NOT hear anything you have to say, and if that’s the case, well, I feel sorry for you. There are people you will never reach in this country; people who will never, ever vote for a Democrat, no matter what you do, and there is no point in wasting your time trying to get them to consider Bernie Sanders, or Pete Buttigieg, or Joe Biden, or Elizabeth Warren, or Kamala Harris or any of the dozen or more other candidates who are vying to oppose and defeat Trump.

I’m begging everyone to simply ignore the Trumpers. When the dust settles, a moderate or left-of-center Democrat will be nominated, and she or he will be a thousand times more competent than Donny, and Trump will lose in a landslide. I know you’re scared; we were sure Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide, too. That won’t happen again, unless “progressives” decide to once again treat Trump voters like economically insecure voters and not right wingers whose only concern is to “own the libs.”

And we can’t possibly do something like that a second time, right? Progressives are supposed to be the smart ones, aren’t we? If we’re so smart, then why would we ever give the hardcore Trump fan the time of day? There is nothing to gain from that, except another Trump term. Just help Democrats win. That’s all. Just Democrats. Anything else can lead to a 2016 repeat. And this country can’t afford that.


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  1. Well written article. Thank you.
    Yes, a lot of people expected HRC to win in a landslide.
    Long before the 2016 election, some of us knew that it would be a close thing if HRC did win. I will maintain that she did, in fact, win because of the popular vote. But she didn’t collect the EC votes.
    All that pointed out, imho, those who expected an HRC “landslide” are no more aware than the RWNJ Dolt45 supporters. The are equally ruled by emotion, not reason.
    And that doesn’t help me feel confident in Dems pulling off a win to unseat President Prevaricator in 2020. Already i’m watching the firestorm directed at Biden. It seems the Democratic Circular Firing Squad is in fine form