27 to Go: I’ll Show “Him” Respect and Good Will When He Does

I have been told by many recently that I should have respect for “President” Donald Trump. My response has always been the same; I respect the office, and I’ll show respect for Trump when he starts showing respect for the office; at least enough to want to be a good president. It’s been almost four years now, and I see no signs of it.

I also recently got an earful from a friend who suggested I should be less flippant about the fact that Trump and Malaria (sp?) contracted Coronavirus. Sorry, but no. I don’t wish the virus on anyone, even Trump, but karma dictates that he should have it. It’s his fault he caught it. Not only did he suck at combating the virus early on, but he’s largely refused to wear a mask, even though it’s the best way to prevent its spread. And consider wear we are. Just about everyone he’s been in close contact with has contracted the virus and now, even the White House household staff, who are just doing their job, are starting to fall ill. Where is his concern for anyone who has it? I haven’t seen anything. On his first day in the hospital, he Tweeted about the “Plague,” which was damn near the first time he seemed to have noticed. Yeas, that’s right; 207,000 Americans have died so far, but it didn’t become a “plague” until he got it.

I will feel sorry for TRUMP and his horrible spawn when and if he ends up on his death bed, unless he does what he did today. Today, the “president” actually downplayed the virus and once again said it was “just like the flu,” which hasn’t killed 200,000 Americans for at least 100 years and then left the hospital against doctors’ orders because he still thinks those who get sick are “weak” (and quite possibly “suckers” and “losers”. He sees weakness as unacceptable for himself, so why would I feel sorry for him. I mean, the man did everything but tongue-kiss a Coronavirus-positive hooker (as far as we know).

I will never wish Donald Trump dead because that’s not who I am. However, I took some glee in his beaming a victim of his own incompetence. I will admit that. I can also say that I am reveling in the fact that coronavirus cases among politicians are far more likely t be Republicans because they all think like Trump; I consider Chris Christie, Kellyanne Conway, Kayleigh McEnany and several others as collateral stupidity. I only feel bad for the career workers in the White House, who simply contracted the virus because they happened to be in close proximity to the unrelentingly stupid “President”.

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