Immigration Reform Without Racial Profiling

I have to tell you; I have never understood why
illegal immigration is such a vexing problem. I was in Arizona most of last year, I lived in an area where there were quite a few, and I found them to be mostly very charming and shy; just working their butts off to make a life for their families.

Yes, I'm sure that, among the people who are here
illegally are some nasty people, including people who bring drugs over, and
some who commit serious crimes. But the vast majority of them come here to work
and send money back home.And I know how I would feel if everyone treated me like Timothy McVeigh because I was blond. Or like damn near every serial killer in the history of this country, who happen to have been white.

Of course, we can’t have totally open borders, and we
can’t just allow everyone in who wants to come here. But why has this problem been
so difficult to solve?

Oh, please… cut the crap…

It’s not difficult to solve; not really. But
neither side of this issue has been willing to address the problem
head on, and realistically.Everyone's afraid to step on someone's toes. You have one side that believes all brown people should be sent back to where they came from and who seem to think white people were here long before the brown people. And on the other side, you have people who seem to think that all country borders should be eliminated so that we all intermingle, so as to create one race, so that we all live together in peace and harmony.

I am going to tell you exactly how to solve this
problem without any if the racist garbage that accompanies many solutions. These rules fit any immigrants, not
just those from south of the border.  They
are straightforward common-sense measures that will solve the problem once and
for all. I will admit that I leave the exact details to those more expert than I, so they are relatively broad; more mission statements than actual regulations. Neither side of this debate is
necessarily going to like all of these, but the goal is to solve the
problem. By the way, every single one of these measures has been used in other
countries to great effect.

  1. Put
    up a fence or wall along the border. I know some people will whine about this, but the
    fact of the matter is, this is not just to keep people out of the country; it's a safety measure. I’ve lived in that desert for many years, and
    trying to walk 60 miles or more to the nearest city to find work is
    dangerous any time of year. Every year, people who cross are dying. With our building know-how, I find it difficult to
    believe we can’t come up with something that can’t be penetrated by the people who will want to penetrate it.  
  2. Give
    amnesty to those who are here now, if they to go to their local ICE office
    within the first year and report themselves. They report who they are,
    where they are living, and who they are working for or have received money from
    over the last year. Then, they are made legal residents, pending a background
    check, and the government makes sure their taxes have been paid up.
  3. When en
    immigrants come here legally, ICE officials have to do a much better job of
    tracking them. It seems to me that theme parks track
    their customers better than federal immigration authorities track immigrants. Did you know that most
    people who are here illegally don’t stream over the border. They come into the
    country legally and simply stay too long. Of course, if they’re keeping to
    themselves and not causing trouble, do we really care? One possible way to
    prevent this might be to make a photo ID on the spot, and take a reasonable
    bond, which is returned when they return the ID as they head back to their home country.This way, you have a depository of photos and IDs of those who have never gone back.
  4. Institute
    fines on employers who hire undocumented workers that are so high, employers
    can’t afford to take the chance.  If
    there are no jobs available for immigrants, very few will come here
    illegally. They come here to work, folks; if you really want to stop them, you
    need to go after the people who pay them.
  5. Enforce
    the labor laws currently on the books, and encourage workers to unionize. One of
    the more credible complaints in this debate is that undocumented workers are
    taking jobs from US citizens. While it’s not true in all cases, there are times
    when it’s very true. One of the most glaring examples of this is in the
    construction industry, especially in “right to work” states (like Arizona),
    where unions are weakes, and oversight is almost non-existent. If states and
    the federal government were being diligent about enforcing the laws that already exist, and fining the hell out of those who break them, more US citizens
    would have jobs. Not only that, but in a crucial industry such as construction,
    where every aspect of building is important to the process, I often wonder why
    we don’t have certification processes in place, anyway, but hey; that’s another
    column for another day. The bottom line is, if labor officials enforced
    the law, we’d have much less of a problem.
  6. If,
    after filling as many positions as possible with US citizens willing to
    take them, there are still many job openings,  institute an “immigrant worker” type program that is
    tightly controlled and has a provision wherein a “guest worker” works for a
    specified amount of time – say five years – they get to apply to become
    citizens, and all normal fees are waived. In the meantime, their employers must follow all labor laws, including the minimum wage and overtime laws as they would apply to US citizens,
    including health insurance coverage and worker’s compensation insurance.
  7. Legalize,
    regulate and tax most lower level drugs. At least do so for marijuana, for Chrissakes. The drug “war” has been over for years, and the anti's lost. I don’t do
    any drugs and I never will, but I also don’t drink, and that’s legal. Legalize,
    regulate and tax drugs, and you will eliminate half of all crime overnight. We are
    living through the same gangster era we lived through during Prohibition in the
    1920s, only it’s gone on longer, it’s more sophisticated and has more money
    backing it. No illegal drugs, no drug cartels. Imagine that.

I can tell you what’s NOT a solution to the
problem; trying to chase down 450,000 people, most of whom are simply
working and not causing any trouble, in a state of 6.5 million people,
one-third of whom look like the people you’re supposedly trying to catch.  And since 43% of undocumented immigrants are
NOT from Mexico or points south, they’re likely to miss quite a few of them, anyway.

There are supposedly an estimated 12 million
undocumented immigrants in this country. I think that number is absurdly high, but so we’re not going to round them all
up and send them all back to where they came from.  And frankly, I welcome 99% of them; they are
here to work hard and make money for their families just like us. But I do
worry about that other 1%, and we really can’t just open the borders and allow
everyone in who wants to come here, in part because our infrastructure isn’t
built to handle it, and also because there are people out there who want to do
us harm.

Fixing the immigration problem is just about using common
sense, and racial profiling does not meet the definition of “common sense.”

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