Impeachment is Very Pragmatic

I am being bombarded today. I know, this happens a lot.

The subject this time? Impeachment. I shit you not. It’s amazing how many Democrats and far lefties think we should hold up on impeaching Donny until we know for a fact that enough Senate Republicans will go along to convict. The funny thing is, a lot of these same people stood behind me back when I was calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush, whose crimes seem quaint compared to those Donald Trump commits on a daily basis.

I mean, by starting two wars that were not paid for and handing out billion-dollar contracts to cronies and supporters, Bush was certainly worthy of impeachment, but compared to Trump’s daily exploits in making a profit on the presidency, Bush’s attempts were crude and somewhat quaint, truth be told.

Impeaching Bush would probably have been a great thing, but impeaching Trump is abolutely essential. He needs to be gone. There may be other ways to get rid of a president, but the only tried and true way and the only one written into the Constitution is impeachment. It’s something we need to do, if for no other reason than we need to take back this country’s government. I don’t know about you, but I have had it with Republicans who think their acquisition of power means they own the country and can do whatever they want. Yes, we have to win elections, too, but we also have to learn how to use the legal mechanisms provided to us by the Constitution, that remarkable document that has managed to keep this country running for nearly two-and-a-half centuries.

I have been calling for impeachment of Trump for almost two years now and I have called out the Republican-led Congress for not fulfilling their oversight duties. Now, we have a House led by Democrats and I have “progressives” and Democrats telling me we have to “be careful” and not push impeachment until we know we can get enough votes in the Senate to convict.

Essentially, they’re telling me we shouldn’t impeach Trump. We shouldn’t impeach Trump until we know we can convict is exactly the same thing, since there will never be a time when we can guarantee a conviction. However, this I can promise everyone; it we never impeach Trump, he will not be removed from office and we’ll have to wait until the 2020 election to get rid of him. I don’t know about you, but consider the last two years, and I think you’ll agree, two years is a long goddamn time.

There are many benefits to impeaching Trump’s ass, even if we fall short of conviction. Consider, if we impeach his fat orange ass:

- All evidence of wrongdoing will be made public. That can and likely will include Donny's tax returns and evidence of his finances, including his pillaging of the US Treasury and putting the money into his company, the Trump Organization.
- The public will know what special deals his family members are getting while pretending to work in public service.
- We, the people, will find out exactly what deals he has made with Russia, China, ​and North Korea, and we will find out why he seems to prefer dictators and authoritarians and everyone in the US will be exposed to the level of his corruption. 
- We will be able to get medical information about Trump and find out if he is medically qualified to hold office, or if he is too mired in his dementia to function. 
- There is a much greater likelihood that he will resign the presidency and get out of politics forever than if we don't impeach him. 

I know there is controversy over that last one. A lot of people think he’ll never resign because he’s too much of a narcissist to allow that to happen. I think the opposite is true. I believe Trump is more likely to resign because of his narcissism. This is a guy who brags on himself constantly because he thinks it makes people more likely to like and “respect” him. Can anyone really imagine him allowing the Senate to put him on public trial for about a year, dragging his name (the only thing he owns that is worth a shit) through the mud, when he can leave any time he wants and be done with the whole thing? I really can’t imagine it.

Also, consider that Donald Trump is just an abject coward. He doesn’t like dealing with anything that isn’t either fun or pleasant to deal with. Anytime anyone says anything negative about him, he heads straight to Twitter to insult them from behind his phone, yet, he won’t even fire anyone in real life, at least face-to-face. Donny has to feel like he has all the power in any interaction; I can’t even imagine him sitting quietly as document after document is presented and witness after witness testifies about things he doesn’t want anyone to know.

One last thing…

If he doesn’t resign, and he endures the impeachment trial, do not assume the current GOP intransigence will mean no conviction. Conviction requires two-thirds, which means 20 Republican Senators will have to vote to convict. That is not impossible to conceive of, just before an election in 2020 in which 12 Democrats are up for election and 22 Republicans. That means Republicans have more to lose than Democrats, and if the evidence against Trump is substantial, any Republican Senator who ignores it and supports Trump in spite of it will have a lot more to answer to at election time.

Our main political priority right now should be to get Trump the hell out of the White House. He doesn’t know what he’s doing and he has no desire to learn. In the meantime, we are losing a level of prestige that took a century to earn and there is a strong likelihood that the person sitting in the Oval Office is a Russian intelligence asset who is doing everything possible to help Russia become a world superpower again. He was touted as a business genius, but he’s wrecking the economy single-handedly and he is laying waste to any sort of barrier to corruption in the Executive Branch.

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Impeachment is Very Pragmatic — 4 Comments

  1. I agree that DJT richly deserves impeachment. My only question is whether, if we wait a bit, we can take more of the GOP down with him, because that would be nice.

    • It’s not like the evidence disappears if you use it against Trump. If we take him down and others are implicated, we can still take them down, too. He’s a priority, though.

  2. I agree that we should Impeach DJT.
    I would also suggest that if during the trial, the House managers can call upon former Cabinet members such as Rex Tillerson & Jim Mattis among others to testify against DJT.
    Reasons for impeachment are DJT’s discoonect with reality, his selection of incompetent & crooked (Commerce & Interior secretary) cabinet members whose goal was to destroy the departments they ran, …

    Then we can work on Impeaching VP Pence so we end up with President Pelosi and clean the cesspool of executive appointments that DJT has made along with Steven Miller, …

    PS: Text is clipped in your emails, see the 4 benefits of impeaching DJT

    • I don’t see any way to impeach Trump without implicating Pence. He’s up to this to his hair helmet.