Is Mitt Romney Bloodthirsty Enough to get the GOP Nomination?

All of the other "leading" Republican presidential candidates, such as Giuliani and McCain (Thompson probably would have answered, too, but he was sleeping) have suggested that, should they catch Osama bin Laden (first, wouldn’t they have to change Bush’s course and actually go after him?), they would personally assist in the al Qaeda leader’s execution. Why? because they’re trying to prove that they’re the Republicans with the biggest balls, of course.

But not Mitt Romney:Romneyhorn

This is from The Examiner:

On Tuesday, during a visit to a New Hampshire gun manufacturer, McCain
told workers: “I will follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell and I
will shoot him with your products.” He later said he had been “speaking


But Giuliani was serious when he asked President Bush three days after
the Sept. 11 attacks for the privilege of personally executing bin
Laden, who masterminded the attacks.

“I told him, ‘If you catch this guy bin Laden, I would like to be
the one to execute him,’” Giuliani wrote in his 2002 book,
“Leadership.” “I am sure he thought I was just being rhetorical, but I
was serious.”

Giuliani argued that his own involvement in bin Laden’s execution would be perfectly “appropriate.”

Laden had attacked my city, and as its mayor I had the strong feeling
that I was the most appropriate person to do it,” he wrote.


“I do not have an interest in personally participating in such an
execution and I wouldn’t make a comment of that nature,” Romney said in
response to questions from The Examiner on the campaign trail.

Wow. I’m not sure Mitt Romney has the "Christian Values" necessary to be a bloodthirsty Republican Killer, do you?

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