It doesn’t get more independent than PCTC: Help us Cut More Crap than ever.

You know… the number one thing right wingers say about liberals that isn’t always wrong is that we don’t support our own. Unfortunately, they’re right. When a right wing icon asks for a few bucks to support the cause, they are flooded with help. On the other hand, when liberals ask for financial help, we are looked at cross-eyed and the support is slow in coming, if it comes at all.

It’s time we changed that dynamic somewhat. There are plenty of liberals who like to read smart, well-written tomes, but only a scant few actually support them. The PCTC Blog cuts a lot of crap on a daily basis and we support candidates and causes that are supposedly dear to the progressive movement. We could use some love. I only raise funds twice a year, for a few weeks each time. I almost never raise enough to cover my costs, and I don’t threaten shutdown if I don’t make what I need. This blog has been here for more than a decade and there are no plans to stop now.

Unlike many professional left blogs, I’m not going to tell you I need $10,000 per month just to post my opinions online. But it’s also a mistake if you think all this is free. “Free” is what the Internet used to be before the GOP got control and took away most of the freedom. While I don’t expect to do more than break even, these days, “breaking even” costs a couple hundred dollars per month; more if I add back the podcast. Putting up a podcast used to be free; now, if you want people to actually listen to it, it’s… well… no longer free.

For the few of you who have always supported this blog, thank you very much. I am more grateful than you could ever know. For those who haven’t yet, please consider doing so. If everyone who reads every post on this blog gave $10 per fundraiser, I’d have more than I would ever need for the next several years.

I have a lot of plans for this space over the next few months, including information to make it more likely to make sure Democrats win everywhere. That means details about specific candidates that you can use to make sure we win more places, and real information that cuts through the bullshit machine many are being spoon-fed on the “free” Internet. For example, this week, I will be publishing an analysis of the West Virginia Senate race, explaining why Joe Manchin is BY FAR the best choice. Yes, pro lefties, I said Joe Manchin is the best choice for West Virginia. And unlike you, I will prove it.

Now that many of the primaries are over, I will start posting a lot more election-related information, but I also plan to take on the unicorn progressives and the professional left more completely. They have sabotaged Democrats for too long; we can no longer allow them to do that. Speaking of which, I also plan to reveal my plan for guaranteeing net neutrality for all time. Even people who don’t like me very much will LOVE this idea because it will save the online space for everyone.

Please help out with a donation. They are all appreciated very much.

In addition to the donate buttons, located in the right column, I have added a GoFundMe this time. I’ve found them to be safe and secure and reliable. For those who may be afraid, when you donate via any method, I only get your email address, and ask anyone; I don’t send anything more than a “thank you” email back.

Once again, I don’t get your card information or anything else; just your email, which I don’t even use to bombard you with email promotions.

Please help us out. It’s really appreciated and it will hep us all win in November and beyond. I’m not as obsessed with Trump as most of the professional left; in fact, I will help you cope with his sorry ass. That’s better than stressing out constantly…

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