It’s Been 400 Years!

A lot of white people don’t realize this, but this year marks a shameful anniversary in the history of this continent and this nation. This year marks 400 years since the first black slaves were brought to this nation to be bought and sold like a car or a toaster. While the African slave trade was outlawed in the United States in 1808, but the buying and selling of black men, women, and children continued until the Union won the Civil War and the Congress passed the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, which theoretically should have given black people the same right.

Well, we know what happened instead. Those critical amendments to the Constitution were largely ignored for another century until Congress passed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts in 1964 and 1965. Now, another half-century later, Black people are still being treated by most people as an “other” group.

We white people have had more than a half-century to catch up with the law, as written, and simply treat Black people like they matter. That’s really all they have ever wanted, you know; black people don’t want any special treatment; they just don’t want to stick out like a are thumb and be treated as a special, very distinct and very scary element of society. They are not worth less tha white people, and they don’t want to be treated as such.

I mean, what the hell have white Europeans done for the world, really? We were lucky enough to be the first human group to mass produce large ships, and the white heads of white states could have used those ships to welcome new civilizations into the developing world. Instead, they used these ships to travel around the world and steal land and resources from countries around the world. Oh, wow; that’s an accomplishment.

These self-described “Christians” could have introduced themselves and learned how to grow new crops to feed their own people; instead, they used their boats to overrun the “new world,” commit genocide on the natives and steal everything instead. Sometimes, instead of simply wiping out African populations, white people instead kidnapped the youngest, strongest and most talented men and took them to the North American continent to be bought and sold like the horses and cattle they also stole.

White people committed genocide everywhere they went, killing the native inhabitants by the millions. And in those colonies where they did not, they tended to refer to the natives as “savages” and mark themselves as “superior.” From the early 1500s to the dawn of the 20th Century, roughly 80 percent of all indigenous Americans on both American continents were wiped out, although some tribes and peoples saw as much as a 98 percent drop in population. According to some historians, the primary reason the economies of Europe were so strong in the 19th Century was because of the de-population of the Americas.

There is something about too many white people in the United States that makes it clear that we are certainly not superior to those who we have designated as “of another race.” What people established the concept of race, purely as a way to separate people into categories, so they could declare the white race the best.

White people obviously are not the best at much of anything, and that is why our ancestors had to use force to keep other “races” down. And it continues to this day. When a white person calls a Black person “articulate,” the implication is that white people are inherently more “articulate” than those of other races. Apparently, while they complain about “Ebonics,” they have never spoken to the bulk of rural southern redneck Trumpers, who are anything but “articulate.”

Many white people complain mightily about “black culture,” without considering that it was white people who forced the Black people in the US to create a separate culture in the first place; they weren’t allowed to participate in white-dominated American culture. Most white people won’t even consider the concept of “reparations,” based on the projected cost – of course, all of the projections are made by white people and tend to be overstated.

Black people only want a few things, really, and they’re all things we should have been supporting all along; at least for the last 150 years. We have to stop treating them as if they are another species. Black people are human, and want to be treated as such. They are just like everyone else; some are kind, some are assholes. Some are slovenly and some are classy and wonderful. Some are geniuses and some are morons.

And most Black people are patient as hell. Jesus, could anyone even imagine white people being treated like Black people for 400 years, and demonstrate as much class and dignity, for the most part. I mean; white racists had to “put up with” eight years of Obama, and the rise of white identity politics was precipitous. And it’s only gotten worse with Trump catering to white nationalists and Nazis as a critical part of his “base.”

It’s time to put away our traditional racism and start treating Black people like everyone else. It’s really all they want, if you would bother to listen. So, please listen, for a change..

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  1. “Reparations” —
    Quality education starting in Kindergarten and JOBS.
    Oh, another thing: teach the cops that they’re not the jailers of the communities. A complete mental change has to happen in those who we’re paying to “serve” our communities. And no, it’s not “just a few bad apples”. When the so-called “good cops” don’t police those “bad apples”, they’re complicit and just as guilty. “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem“.
    Helping the children to grow up without fear of being gunned down in the streets is job #1.