It’s Not About the Kavanaugh and the GOP, It’s About Democracy and Standards

There is absolutely no way Brett Kavanaugh should be on the Supreme Court. In fact, if this was the Republican Party of even the George W. Bush era, he wouldn’t be. He neither competent or qualified. 

I can hear the right wing Trumpers screaming now. They’re screaming at their computer screens and saying, “Every president has the right to nominate anyone to the Supreme Court!” And in a way, they’re right. However, the U.S. Senate has a solemn duty to reject someone like Kavanaugh; that’s the reason they have the power to “advise and consent,” and not the power to “rubber stamp” whomever the “president” wants. Their ability to approve whomever passes muster is equal to their ability to reject the unfit candidates put up there by the “president.”

At any other time in the history of this country, Kavanaugh would have been tossed aside a long time ago. Rejected Supreme Court nominees like Harriet Mires and Robert Bork had a lot of political disqualifiers, but neither one was accused to sexual misconduct or sexual harassment and neither one yelled at the Senate and took political shots at Democrats. Kavanaugh did both.

This isn’t just about Kavanaugh’s likely ruling on Roe v. Wade. I mean, it is about that, and I don’t want to minimize that, but it’s more than that. It’s about the beginning of a return to standards we used to hold dear in this country, before we let the whackos have their own major political party.

There is only one reason the Trumpian faithful want Kavanaugh to be seated, and that is, they want to “win.” It’s all they care about. They want to “win” and “own the libs.” That’s what all of this is about. It has nothing to do with banning abortion or making sure Trump’s agenda is carried out, it’s about “owning the libtards.”

Screw that, people. We have to begin the return to actual American standards. If Republicans unanimously approve Brett Kavanaugh and seat him on the Supreme Court, it has to be the last goddamn thing that party ever does. Only TWP Republicans have to vote “no” tomorrow, and if 0-1 vote against Kavanaugh, that has to be the nail that seals their proverbial coffin. I’m still hopeful, because that’s my nature, but dammit, if I’m wrong and all 51 Republican Senators vote for that asshole, there is only one valid commitment the progressive movement can make, and that is to get every non-Republican out there to vote against the GOP once and for all.

In 32 days, there is an election, and we all have to be united in only one thing; our determination to get rid of the current incarnation of the Republican Party for good. Our grandparents made that commitment in 1932, when the GOP caused the Great Depression and were ousted from government for not fixing things, and actually making it worse. Now, the current Republican Party is ten times worse; they are working against the American people, they support a veritable dimwit as “president,” even though he’s by far the most corrupt politician in the history of American politics, and they do nothing about his excesses. The entire party is corrupt, they draw their support from racists, bigots and misogynists, they look the other way when the “president” suggests Nazis are good people and when he throws brown kids in cages after stealing them away from their parents, just because they’re brown and not from here.

Our grandparents banished the GOP from government for 20 years, which was a long time back then, and when they let them back in during the 1950s, the Republican Party stopped our economic progress for four years, and they were banished again for another quarter-century.

This time, they’ve had an inordinate amount of power since 1980, which is almost 40 years. They pushed us to the brink of another depression, and were only saved by Democrats, who bailed out the economy for them. Now, ten years after sinking the economy again, they want to implement the same types of deregulatory “reforms” and they want to dismantle the safeguards Democrats put in place to prevent another meltdown, even as they dismantle the rest of the New Deal reforms.

Whether Kavanaugh’s is seated on the Supreme Court or not, we have to make it clear that we need a return to a basic set of standards for those who represent us in the government. The Republican Party has forgotten who’s in charge. It’s “we, the people.” We need to take it all back.

One last thing. Even if we can create a “Blue Tsunami” this year – and we can, for sure – this is only the beginning of the process. It will take two more elections to take back a supermajority in the Senate and to clean out as many state houses as we possibly can. No more whining about “Blue Dogs” and no more attempts to perfect the Democratic Party and make it pure. Our ONLY order of business for the next decade at least is to get rid of the major political party that sides with Russia and China over our own people. It’s time the Republican Party is gone from the picture until they can prove they care about the United States of America.

It’s not about Kavanaugh, it’s about our country and our democracy. Take it all back and then learn how to keep it.

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  1. And yet, I saw that MoveOn and a Democratic PAC have dropped funding for Manchin and Bredeson because of their vote on Kavanaugh.