It’s Time All of Trump’s Enablers Paid the Price

It turns out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s intent to screw Democrats and in turn, the American people, may not be motivated by doing his best for Donny Trump after all. This is obvious now because he is scrambling to recover some $62 million Donny essentially stole from the people of Kentucky to pay for his costly vanity project, which he refers to as his border wall.

The first thing to make clear here; Trump is simply taking money already appropriated by Congress as proscribed by the Constitution, and for no good reason. As of now, There has still been no wall built. The Washington Post verified that this morning. (Source) [] It is clear that, as of now, the loss of this money is no more than an exercise in ego on the part of the titular head of the GOP.

The funding Trump has essentially stolen was appropriated by Congress to build a new middle school at Fort Campbell. Therefore., the children of Kentucky voters will have to continue to cram into crowded classrooms and using the library as an overflow classroom, just because Donny is using McConnell to soothe his ego. According to reports, Moscow Mitch is concerned enough about this to have made a direct plea to Secretary of Defense Mark Esper to intervene. Publicly, of course, McConnell tried to blame the money grab on Democrats.

Not to worry, though. McConnell is in deep shit in his home state. While he whines about Democrats not getting serious about securing the homeland, Kentucky voters have apparently noticed that Moscow Mitch is full of crap, since a border wall has nothing to do with national security. Meanwhile, because Fort Campbell is in dire need for a middle school that isn’t overcrowded.

What makes things really difficult for Moscow Mitch McConnell is the fact that he’s already taken to bragging about his accomplishments in securing funding for needed projects at Kentucky military bases. Months ago, “Moscow” wrote about it in an op-ed in the in the Louisville Courier-Journal. Entitled “Here’s how Kentucky families benefit from McConnell’s clout in D.C.,” Mitch bragged, “I secured much-needed assistance for Fort Campbell, Fort Knox, and the Blue Grass Army Depot, helping the men and women serving there keep America safe.” Of course, then he did nothing as the crazy person in the White House took it all to pretend to build a border wall.

The point in all of this is, Trump’s enablers are starting to pay a price for their non-action. Even if Moscow Mitch is able to figure out a way to keep the money, Trump has shown that he has no loyalty to anyone. Again, it’s time to get rid of all of Trump’s GOP enablers, at every level.

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It’s Time All of Trump’s Enablers Paid the Price — 1 Comment

  1. Moscow Mitch McConnell will be/is still supported for the people who vote for him an republicans. The last thing of interest for his voters is a new/better school.