It’s Time to Ditch the Old for the New

This election is
not just about John McCain vs. Barack


It can be argued
that this election is not even entirely about Republican vs. Democrat.


The 2008 election is
about America the Great vs. America the Mediocre and dropping fast.


Can I be blunt? Of
course I can; this is my blog.


If you vote for John
McCain, then you are all in favor of institutionalizing the mediocrity that has
marked America for most of the last 30 years. When neocons first took over the
government after the 1980 election, we were faltering somewhat, economically,
but we were well on our way to recovery. Since then, what do we have?


Before the neocons,
we were the largest creditor nation in the world. Now, we’re the largest debtor
nation in the world.


Before the neocons,
we were the largest economy in the world, and possessed more wealth than almost
every other industrialized nation in the world combined. Now, we’re in danger of dropping to fourth or
fifth, and if our downward spiral continues, maybe much farther.


Before the neocons,
we had a thriving economic engine, wherein everyone could get a good job and
raise a family when they became adults. Now, we churn out a record number of
lawyers, doctors and financial advisors, because it’s the only way to make a
decent living.


Before the neocons,
we had one of the lowest rates of taxation in the industrialized world, but one
of the highest standards of living. Now, only the rich pay low taxes, and the
standard of living for most people has dropped.


Before the neocons,
it was possible for one person in an average family to make enough money to support the entire family. Now, that is
almost impossible for most families.


Before the neocons,
most people had affordable health
insurance, and could see a doctor whenever they wanted. Now, the health care
system is on the verge of collapse caused by the weight of premiums that are
unreasonably high, because an increasing number of people are without coverage.


Before the neocons,
our economy was built on hard work, and selling the goods and services that
resulted from that hard work. Now, an increasingly large portion of our economy
consists of moving money from one pocket to the other, and moving debt around from
one column to the other. There used to
be laws against usury; under the neocons, it’s become an economic growth


Before the neocons,
our total national debt was only $1 trillion from the founding of the
government to 1981. Since 1981, our national debt — the amount of tax money
our children and grandchildren will have to pay back at some point in the
future — is now $10 trillion, and could be $11 trillion before the latest
bailout proposal is over and done with.


Let’s face it,
folks. This WAS the greatest country in the world at one time. And we’re still
one of the best. But the fact is, the generation of Republicans embodied in the
John McCain candidacy has taken the promise of America and thrown it in the
mud. We used to make fun of the way the Soviets treated their people — spying
on them, locking people in prison without benefit of trial, and torturing some
in order to get information — but under the neocons, we have become the new
Soviet Union.


Think I’m
exaggerating? For 30 years, they’ve refused to fulfill their constitutional
mandate, to regulate commerce, and they’ve allowed our financial institutions
to run roughshod over us, and now they expect us to pay them for their
excesses. "From each according to their abilities, to each according to
their needs," indeed.


 It’s well past time to reject the politics of
the past, and embrace a new politics, wherein the government serves us for a
change. It’s almost quaint to say that John McCain would continue the policies
of George W. Bush. It’s actually worse than that. John McCain will not only
embrace Bush’s economic model, he himself is the embodiment of the economic
model the Republicans have championed since 1981.


We’ve run out of
bubbles, folks. We can’t afford any more phony economic instruments, with no
one to police them and keep them from creating chaos. We have to build an
economy that makes things; an economy that creates jobs wherein people actually
build something we can all be proud of; an economy that doesn’t wuss out, and
cede competition to smaller countries, just because they can sell cheaper. 


We have to elect
Barack Obama, and we have to elect Democrats. Not because they’re Democrats,
but because they represent a change from the loser politics that threatens to
not only knock us off our pedestal, but could end up pushing us under a bus.

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