It’s Time to Punish the Toddler-in-Chief

Have you really considered just how horrible the Trump/GOP government has been over the last two years?

Consider this:

It’s been more than nine months since it was discovered that the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” border policy created thousands of orphans, separating small children from their parents. A GAO investigation flying that officials at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) had no plan for the potential increase in the number of children separated from their parents.

Yes, that’s right. The people in charge had no plan. They had nothing in place for tracking the children and the parents for eventual reunification. Therefore, the Department of Justice was instructed to accept all DHS referrals for criminal prosecution, and the adults were placed in criminal detention, despite the fact that, according to the actual printed law, most of these people were not breaking the law. You see, merely coming into this country is not against the law. Unlawful entry involves coming over the border and actively avoiding the authorities.

At the same time, all of the parents were being placed in criminal custody, the children were placed in the custody (I’d say “care,” but that would be silly) of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) at the Department of Health and Human Services. Keep in mind, children under 18 have no lawful immigration status, so they were not breaking the law. And because no one had a plan, none months later, they are still trying to figure things out, after the fact. And nine months later, no one has been fired and the boss has not been impeached or censured. About 23 years ago, the GOP Congress held a president to account because an adult woman working in the White House gave him consensual oral sex. Now, another GOP Congress watched a “president” create thousands of orphans, and no one said or did anything about it. Oh, sure, a few Republicans paid lip service and said it shouldn’t have happened, but how does stealing thousands of children from their parents not rate an impeachment trial?

Now, a month into his third year as “president,” Trump has declared a “national emergency” because that is the only way he can think of to get the money for a border wall that the Democratic Congress and the American people don’t want. And let’s be real here; he wouldn’t be asking for it unless he thought he could get away with it. And sure enough, there seem to already be efforts underway by congressional Republicans to figure out a way to let him have it. Several Republican Senators have already promised their full support for this effort, and they don’t seem to care that it’s completely unconstitutional. The Founders purposely gave Congress the power of the purse, likely as a way to avoid tyrants. If presidents had enough power to dictate how tax money was spent, the country would probably already have a few Trump Castles, and Trump would be running the Executive Branch from Trump Tower.

He has to be stopped, and that means impeachment. And we can’t afford to wait for Mueller. As any parent who has ever raised a toddler knows, we have to let him know he can’t get away with anything he wants. There have to be consequences for his bad acts. Even if the GOP blocks conviction, at least all the evidence will be out there. And if we have to impeach him several times, so be it. We need a functional government, and we can’t have that with Trump in charge.

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  1. Hi Milt: I like almost everything you post, though I might critique the occasional crude language which I edit out when I send it on to my friends who actually possess critical thinking skills. I have another ‘friend’ who forwards many emails he gets from a far right conservative who may be psychologically captured by Russian trolls who keep feeding him recycled divisive emails from the past with new added paragraphs of ‘red meat’ commentary designed to infuriate others of the far right. So here is one recent recycled Email that you might readily have all the data to refute, provided you have time to do so. I can cherry-pick several whoppers, but I imagine you can do a better job than I can:




    Lebron James calls President Trump a “Bum” and thinks that Obama was the best.

    His fans listen to him because he has a talent for basketball and buying big mansions. The letter writer below, a sports journalist, tells the truth and that truth applies to most celebrities on the left.

    A GREAT Letter to Lebron James from former Houston news reporter Hal Lundgren. It’s a must read, and definitely should be distributed. Post it, send it. Whatever. People really need to know these things.

    August 6, 2018

    Mr. Lebron James

    The Los Angeles Lakers
    2275 E. Mariposa Ave.
    El Segundo, CA 90245

    Dear Mr. James,

    No one in my circles discusses French Modernist artists. That comforts me. Such a conversation would expose me as an illiterate on French Modernism, just as I am an illiterate on how to cook.

    When I know nothing of subjects, my mouth stays closed. That’s at least one difference in us. You are an economics illiterate. You prove it often. The dishonest “reporters” who cover you want to be your buddy. They won’t embarrass you by being honest journalists and treating your words as economics illiteracy.

    When you call Trump “a bum,” none of them will tell you that statistics rank him as one of our best presidents for black Americans. His tax cuts and freeing us from absurd regulations have resulted in — after only 18 months — the lowest unemployment numbers ever for Hispanic and black Americans, and one of the lowest numbers for women.

    DURING THOSE 18 MONTHS, TRUMP’S POLICIES CREATED ABOUT FOUR TIMES THE OF MANUFACTURING JOBS CREATED DURING THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION’S LAST 18 MONTHS. Remember when Obama mistakenly told us “Our lost manufacturing jobs are not coming back.” Maybe manufacturing job growth depends on a president who knows what he’s doing.

    As a professional journalist, I cringe at some of Trump’s buffoonery, like repeating sentences and wearing us out with “great,” “fantastic” and other empty adjectives. He is often coarse He was not my candidate. But there’s no question his policies have helped many more minority Americans than Obama. It’s not even close. Today he’s working to free many black and Hispanic prisoners who in his opinion have been in prison too long for relatively minor offenses. Are you aware of that effort?

    You need to look up Gross Domestic Product, adjusted for inflation, and learn what it means to everyday Americans. Learn what one GDP point means to employment, and see how Trump has kept the number climbing.

    Your buddy Obama? In addition to being our worst foreign affairs president and worst military commander-in-chief, his economic numbers all deserved an “F.” He is our ONLY eight-year president who failed to give us at least one 3% or higher year of adjusted GDP growth.
    EVERY other president achieved at least one year of 4.28% or higher growth. Aided by Vietnam spending, Johnson had an 8.48 year. The best peacetime year — 7.83 — belonged to Reagan. And Obama couldn’t even score a 3!!! Look it up.

    You say you would speak to Obama but not Trump? How tragically uninformed you are. Obama had BY FAR the worst debt accumulation record of all our presidents. His economic blunders added about $9 trillion to our debt. NO OTHER PRESIDENT EVEN CAME CLOSE. That indebtedness will fall to you and your children.

    Poor families suffered most. Obama’s awful job numbers forced a record number of people to take food stamps. Black household income under Obama fell steeply as black unemployment rose. Look that up, too.

    But the worst part of what Trump inherited is that Obama, like Bush and Clinton before him, thought bribes and sweet talk were the best ways to deal with North Korea. As the North Koreans neared being able to wipe out Los Angeles with a nuclear-tipped missile, Trump became the first president to stand up boldly to the rogue nation.
    Notice North Korea, because of Trump, has stopped launching missiles over Japan? Notice North Korea has released political prisoners? Notice North Korea has begun to return remains of U.S. Service members? Absent sturdy spines, Clinton, Bush and Obama could not approach those major achievements.

    Obama naively bribed the planet’s worst terrorist nation, Iran, with what was supposed to become a $150 billion handout. Did Obama not know many of those U.S. Tax dollars would help fund Hamas and Hezbollah terrorism? Of course he did. He just didn’t care.

    Remember the $800 billion of your and everyone else’s tax dollars in his early stimulus for “shovel-ready jobs.” Most of those tax dollars went to political cronies. He handed $500 million to Solyndra, a solar company run by boosters. The company soon went bankrupt. Our half-billion in tax money vanished with it.

    Trump is often obnoxious, but people with courage can have that hang up. Obama always talked big, then feebly stood by when Putin infringed on Ukraine and annexed Crimea. But Obama’s most cowardly move came when he warned Assad not to cross “the red line” in Syria. When Obama’s warning was ignored, which Assad knew would happen, Obama did nothing. Does that make him a “bum?”

    It makes me sad that you, as someone with a national voice would be so ignorant of economics, and also presidential decisions. I encourage you to do more reading and thinking as you watch the nation’s GDP numbers rise and minority employment rise.

    * Read about “Right To Try,” which frees terminally ill people to sign a lawsuit waiver and take an experimental drug that might not be approved for many years. Democrats fought this sensible plan for years because it would cost them donations.

    * Read about a Navy Obama left to Trump that struggled with about half its carrier aircraft unsafe to fly.

    * Read about Trump’s giving the VA the right to fire any employee who neglects or abuses a patient.

    * Read about Trump’s courage in challenging, actually demanding that, NATO partners to pay their fair share rather than keep mooching off the U.S.

    You might also read the wisdom of two of the world’s brightest people, black intellectuals Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams. They have written many books. Sowell and Williams’ integrity, remarkable insights and clarity of expression cause their common sense to soar
    off the page to readers.

    Or, you could ignore vital Trump decisions and remain an illiterate on both presidential achievement and economics. If you disdain knowledge and keep calling Trump or any other U.S. president a bum, people will begin to wonder who’s the real bum.


    Hal Lundgren