It’s Trump’s Incompetence, Stupid

It’s time to be honest here…

If you think Donald Trump has some overarching goal in mind with everything he does, well… I don’t know what you’re taking, but you have to be crazy because Trump doesn’t work that way. Donny is all about impulse and everything he does is purely impulsive.

It’s obvious if you look at it. He doesn’t plan shit. He sees something and he reacts to it, not unlike a toddler with a binky. It really is that simple. Of course, he would like to be a dictator, but only because he would more easily get away with being an impulsive jack off.

Don’t get me wrong. Donald Trump is a mean asshole who doesn’t care about the people he works for (that’s us, of course), but really, it’s because he’s never had to care about anyone else before. Before he “won” the 2016 election, he ran his own privately-held company, so he was able to act as the king of everything he surveyed.

What is most frightening about Donald Trump is his rank incompetence. He has no concept of what his job entails. After two years, he still thinks of himself as CEO of America. That means, based on his limited view of what a CEO actually does, he is the “Boss of America.” He has no concept that he is a public servant. He has no idea he is just a “manager,” an employee who works for us. He thinks the rest of the government works for him.

He only knows how to be a boss; he has no ability to be competent as a public servant. However, it’s more than that, really. Donny is practically illiterate, and he probably has dyslexia. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, except when you combine it with being 72 years old, being completely incurious and being too narcissistic to ask anyone for help. Say what you will about George W. Bush, and there is a lot to say, but he did understand he was kind of dumb, so he tried to surround himself with people smarter than him. He didn’t always succeed, and he was a moron and a jackass, but compare his Cabinet with Trump’s. Whereas both filled their administrations with cronies, Bush actually deferred too many of them. Trump’s narcissism is at such a high level that he almost literally cannot be in a room where he doesn’t know he’s the smartest, and he is almost always wrong. Donny lies to us constantly, but he doesn’t only lie to us; he also lies to himself. And a case can be made that it’s those lies that are the most dangerous.

Trump is incompetent when it comes to politics because of the lies he tells himself. I am convinced he truly believes he won the 2016 election. He also believes he will win again, if only he does exactly the same things he did in 2016. That’s why he is so anxious to listen to his base, which is easily the stupidest demographic in the company. He has always listened to and parroted them. If you’ll recall, during the 2016 election, it was revealed that his issue positions came from the CALLERS to right-wing talk radio. Not the hosts, which would be bad enough, but the callers. These are mental toddlers who are stupid enough to believe everything Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, et al, say. He continues to do this, which is one reason his Twitter feed is so inane. After two years, he still does not understand trade; when he talks about it, he sounds much like your dumbass uncle or cousin, who gets all their “news’ from Rush and Fox News, and who sounds like a complete idiot when they speak.

Consider this Tweet from Friday:

In this one, Donny demands that we go back to a time before NAFTA, and get all our auto jobs back. He is also insinuating that Mexico got all of our auto industry jobs, which is absurd. For one thing, most of the jobs that went to Mexico came back here. Plus, before NAFTA, many of the most popular cars were built in Asia, primarily Japan and Korea. Now, most Japanese, Korean and European car brands are made here. The auto industry in this country supports more than 4 million jobs, either directly or indirectly. Yet because the callers to right wing talk radio and Fox News watchers seem to speak as if we’re still in the middle of the Reagan Administration or something and Chrysler hadn’t yet started making K-cars.

Trump also lies his ass off about the effects of NAFTA. (He’s not alone there; I know quite a few liberals who do the same.) NAFTA required that all cars made in Mexico or Canada for the US market must have at least 64.5% of its parts come from the US in order to avoid tariffs. Trump’s new “USMCA” changes that to 75% and Mexico and Canada have already indicated they already meet or exceed that now. In other words, the tariffs and the scare tactics are wholly without purpose and come out of his stupidity about such things. He is stuck in 1982 because his callers are stuck in 1982.

He also lies about the trade deficits with Mexico and Canada, primarily because he doesn’t understand trade and what a trade deficit is. (Source)

He has never understood trade deficits and he obviously doesn’t care to learn because there are a lot of great resources available who can explain it to him.

I’ll get into this more over the next few months, or however long Donny manages to stay in office, but more than anything, his rank incompetence is definitely Trump’s worst feature.

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