Jack Cafferty Attacked for Telling the Truth!

I know this will seem very politically incorrect of me, but this type of story makes me laugh:  Protesters target CNN after Jack Cafferty’s remarks on China – Los Angeles Times.

Throngs of Chinese Americans protested outside CNN’s offices in Hollywood on Saturday morning, calling for the dismissal of commentator Jack Cafferty, whose recent remarks about Chinese goods and China inflamed a community already angry about international condemnations directed at the host country of the upcoming Olympic Games.

The protesters lined Sunset Boulevard from Cahuenga Boulevard to Wilcox Avenue chanting "Fire Cafferty" and "CNN liar" and singing the Chinese national anthem and other patriotic songs. They waved Chinese, American and Taiwanese flags and directed their anger at the news channel’s dark glass tower.

Oh, my God! What could possibly cause so many Chinese-AMERICANS such grief that they would demand the firing of a guy who’s one of the most honest commentators in the news media? The story continues…

On the April 9 airing of "The Situation Room," Cafferty said of
America’s relationship with China: "We continue to import their junk
with the lead paint on them and the poisoned petCafferty1
food and export . . .
jobs to places where you can pay workers a dollar a month to turn out
the stuff that we’re buying from Wal-Mart. So I think our relationship
with China has certainly changed. I think they’re basically the same
bunch of goons and thugs they’ve been for the last 50 years."

Yes, those were the remarks. Let’s parse this a bit, shall we?

Do we import Chinese-made junk? Have you ever been inside a Wal-Mart, or any "dollar store" in the country? Yes, we do import a lot of crap from China, and most of it is of low quality, which is why it costs a dollar.

Have the Chinese been reckless with their quality control? Well, yes, of course they have. Lead paint on toys that children might put into their mouths; toys that turn into roofies if swallowed; pet food that killed many a pet (full disclosure; I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure that’s how my son’s cat died last year.).

Do the Chinese take advantage of lower labor standards to put out their junk, and sell it to us by the boatload? Well, yeah. There are factories over there that serve as de facto slave quarters, for Chrissakes. And why should that surprise anyone? How the hell do you think they make a spatula that can be sold to you for a dollar, with everyone along the supply chain making money?

In other words, there is nothing untrue in what Jack Cafferty said, and these Chinese-Americans who are protesting have a lot of nerve, if nothing else. If they really want to protest something, how about protesting the shitty conditions under which the Chinese workers labor? How about demanding that the United States start demanding that the Chinese government stop cracking down on people who dare express themselves? If you don’t like the truth, then change the truth of the situation. But don’t blame Jack Cafferty.

We have shipped boatloads of jobs to China, China does make a lot of junk, and the government over there is oppressive, and they do act like a bunch of thugs. That’s not an insult to "the Chinese," those are stone cold facts.

"It’s really unacceptable," said John He, an organizer of the event.
"It maliciously attacks all Chinese. This would not be accepted if it
was directed at any other ethnic group."

This is how clueless some people are. Cafferty wasn’t directing his remarks at people who are ethnically Chinese. The remarks clearly were directed at people now living in China, and who are flooding our market with shitty goods, made with something akin to slave labor. Get a clue, Johnny.

I dare you to protest me.


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    Well, if it makes any difference Cafferty is exactly right; China is a despotic and totalitarian country which continuously abuses the human rights of its people and is a vocal opponent of freedom.