Jane Hamsher — Are You NUTS???

This is, without a doubt, the stupidest fucking post I have ever read on a left wing blog. I left it intact, and added my comments, which are in bright red.  If Hamsher objects, she knows how to contact me.

About That McConnell Deal…


By: Jane Hamsher Thursday July 14, 2011 6:36 am

For the record I don’t think it’s a big deal if Obama has to take sole responsibility for raising the debt limit. But he does.

It undermines his intention to run in 2012 as the “fiscally responsible” guy who closed the deficit, and that’s why he is cussing mad. Well, that and the fact that he has to undergo ritual humiliation at the hands of the GOP every 2 months to get what he wants.

One truly has to wonder if Jane ever even reads actual news. Her approach to “punditry” (if you can call it that) seems to be to try and figure out what sort of bullshit her loon following with accept as fact this time. I read this and I swear I felt like I was reading Ann Coulter.

Here’s the thing. Everyone but the teabaggers knows that the debt ceiling is a non-issue. It has nothing to do with the debt, it has to do with paying the bills. There is no way the economy of the United States should hang on something that has no actual bearing on anything important.

It is simply NOT “fiscally responsible” to allow default. In fact, it’s the opposite, even though the Republicans will take the hit politically if it happens.

But that last sentence cracks me up. What “humiliation” is she talking about? Obama has shown them up at every turn. Christ; the “budget deal” had a grand total of $38 billion in cuts, and most of those were accounting tricks. The Bush tax cuts were going to extend; he got a deal for the 99ers in return. So far, the only ones crying over the last six months are Boner (sp?) and Miss McConnell.

The irony is that the Obamabots are so out of touch with who Obama is and what he wants they don’t realize that by cheering for the McConnell deal, and his prowess in making McConnell “blink,” it amounts to twisting the knife for him. It makes it impossible for him to reject the deal the end — which empowers the GOP to hold out.

I don’t know anyone “cheering” for the McConnell deal. That seems to be a conclusion she has simply jumped to, based on zero evidence. I’m as strong an Obama supporter as there is, but even I’m a little wary of it. I’d have to see more details. But the fact is, both Boehner and McConnell blinked.

Obama put unspecified Social Security cuts on the table, precisely because the GOP had asked for them for six months, and he decided to call their bluff. They’ve already been tagged for actively trying to kill Medicare; you think Republicans also want to be tagged with cutting Gramma’s Social Security? Can you say “bloodbath”? He called their bluff, and THEY BLINKED.

First, Boehner, who is without a doubt the least prepared Speaker of the House in US history, called for a much SMALLER package of spending cuts. I’d REALLY like for Jane to explain to us all how putting Social Security on the table causes the Speaker to demand a SMALLER package of tax cuts, if OBAMA is the one who’s “humiliated.”

Then, there’s McConnell. For those with short memories, Miss McConnell is the Republican leader who stated that the number one goal of his party would be to make Obama a one-term president. Not fix the economy and make lives better, but to destroy Obama. He has spent the last 2 ½ years suggesting that Obama can’t be trusted with anything regarding the government.

Yet McConnell crafted this plan, in which he plans to give the “untrustworthy” Obama total control of the debt ceiling, in return for basically promising to provide Congress with some major spending cuts, which he all but promised to kill when they got there.

Jane thinks McConnell’s the smart one? Really?

BOTH Republicans demanded Social Security cuts for months. They’ve goaded and goaded, but the second Obama offered to entertain some, they BOTH essentially took Social Security back off the table. You have to be insane to think Republicans won this round. They’ve been bested by him every goddamn time they’d challenged him, and they’ve walked away looking like complete fools.

Cantor offered a temporary extension three times last night, and by both Democratic and GOP accounts, that’s what made Obama snap. He wouldn’t be rejecting it “even if it brings my presidency down,” and taking his case to the American people, if he thought he had scored some big victory.

For someone with a journalism backround, Jane doesn’t seem to pay attention to much news. The August 2 drop dead date is the THIRD extension for this year. We actually ran out of money in April, and it’s been stretched to August 2 because they’ve been able to move money around.

So, here’s the question; what would be the significance of a 90-day extension, exactly? The last 90-day extension has led us to this point, where Obama finally had to tell Boner and Missy to shit or get off the pot. They bluffed, he called it, and they immediately folded.

Apparently, Jane doesn’t play poker, because Obama won the pot, not the Republicans.

You gotta feel sorry for the guy. His most ardent supporters are the dumbest motherfuckers in the world, and they don’t  realize he thinks they are digging his political grave.

Guess what, Jane; this particular “dumbest motherfucker in the world” just showed where not one actual fact was used in this post, and your analysis of the situation is, well, let’s just say the root word “anal” is appropriate in this case.

If the “dumbest motherfucker in the world” shows you as full of shit, I’m pretty sure that makes you a loon.

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