Karl Rove is a Liar — Here’s proof…

First, you have Karl Rove laying a load of crap on David Gregory on Meet the Press:

Then, you have Matt Cooper come on and prove, once and for all, that karl Rove is a bald-faced liar:

These videos came from Crooks & Liars, and they prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Karl Rove is both a crook and a liar.
Can’t wait to see how Fox Noise spins this one… expect Sean Hannity’s head to fly off and Bill O’Reilly to run to Geraldo or Dennis for a big hug…

Another reminder that George W. Bush and the GOP broke a country

Once again, we are reminded that the Iraq War was an exercise in stupidity that is unmatched in US history. It was engineered by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest of the GOP, and this colossal screw up promises to resonate for decades to come. The latest reminder …

Yes, of Course: George W. Bush Was the Worst President Ever

If you want to start a great, um, “conversation” with someone on the right, just say something that is brutally obvious and honest like…   George W Bush was the worst president in United States history.  That’s just my opinion, of course, and there may be a few historians who …

Pro Left Insult Obama Every Chance They Get: Case Study #2: Huffington, Michael Moore

If you want to quibble with President Obama’s State of the Union address last night, feel free. This is a free country, after all, even if the right wing would like for everyone to be less free. But the speech was masterful for two reasons. First, it laid out a …

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