KBR Negligence Kills Soldiers; Bushies Covered it UP!

This is outrageous, folks!

From the Associated Press: Sailor electrocuted – Yahoo! News.

A third U.S. service member has been determined to have been electrocuted in a shower in Iraq, and Navy criminal investigators are investigating, The Associated Press has learned.

Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class David A. Cedergren, 25, of South St. Paul, Minn., died Sept. 11, 2004, while showering. His family was told he died of natural causes.

Late last year, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology changed the manner of Cedergren's death to "accidental," caused by electrocution and inflammation of the heart. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service has reopened an investigation into his death, Ed Buice, a NCIS spokesman, said Monday.

Cedergren's death is among 18 electrocution deaths — 16 U.S. service members and two military contractors — under review as part of a Department of Defense Inspector General inquiry. Improperly installed or maintained electrical devices have been blamed in some of the deaths, while accidental contact with power lines caused others.

THIS is how Dick Cheney's been getting rich? Letting his Halliburton contractor buddies get away with putting up defective facilities, and then covering up the deaths and injuries that result from it? And worse is lying to the families of the servicemen about how the death occurred?

Eighteen Americans — 16 of them soldiers — may have died because of KBR's negligence, and they're just raking in the billions and padding their bottom line. And the Bush Administration was apparently helping them cover it up!

What else have they lied about, folks? If we can spend trillions of dollars fixing the mess they've made of the economy, and trillions more fixing their messes in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have to dedicate a few billion dollars investigating these assholes, and finding out about everything they've lied about.

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