Larry Johnson, Right Wing Patsy!

I have been quiet for a while, but I’m getting a little sick of this Larry Johnson "Whitey" thing…

See, Larry is a decent guy, I guess. Very passionate about Hillary Clinton, to the point of psychosis, but when he talks about things about which he knows, such as spies and Iraq and Valerie Plame, he’s actually quite smart and articulate, so I’ve been cutting him some slack.

As smart as Larry is about the CIA and covert operations, he seems to be a political neophyte. Let me teach you something about politics, Larry…

1. The Republican Party wanted to run against Hillary Clinton very
badly. Why, you ask? Because they have 20 years worth of dirt on her,
including dirt you haven’t even seen yet.

2. They Republican party didn’t want to run against Obama, because they
don’t have anything on Barack Obama, and all they  have to run on is
tearing the other candidate down.  See, here’s a hint; you can’t tear
down a candidate, unless that candidate  has some serious character
flaws that the American people think are significant enough to make the
smears stick. That won’t work with Obama. His character flaws are out
there for everyone to see, and he speaks of them readily. And yet, he’s
still about the most popular politician in the country. Go figure.

3. One of the Republican Party’s main strategies is to poison the
electorate enough, so that people stay away from the polls. They spend
a lot of money and time making people THINK something bad is out there,
and making people fearful, by planting stories about what might be out
there, when there is actually nothing out there at all. It’s a
time-honored political tradition.

What does this mean? Well, Mr. Johnson, do you know the word  ‘patsy’?
It’s actually a time-honored political tradition, truth be told. You
have been the victim of one of the oldest political ruses in existence.
They used it constantly during the Clinton Administration, and now, you
have apparently been chosen as their latest in a long line of parrots.

Let me tell you a little secret. If they had a tape of Michelle Obama
herself, giving the "White Power" salute, screaming about "Whitey" or
saying "God damn America," they would have used it a while ago. Don’t
you think something like that, coming on the heels of the Jeremiah
Wright controversy, would have done him in almost immediately? There’s
no point in waiting until later, as you claim the new rationale (is
that your fourth or fifth) now explains the delay in release. They
could put him away for good, politically speaking and also weaken
Hillary at the same time. Imagine — he’s on track to win the
nomination, this comes out, and kills him politically, and the
Democrats have to go with the "loser" Hillary? You don’t think that
would be more appealing to the Republicans than waiting until October,
when McCain is already 15 points behind?

Like I said; they don’t want to run against Obama. For goodness sakes,
dude, get a clue! have you even noticed that the right wing was trying
their damnedest to get Hillary the nomination? You think it was
coincidence that Richard Mellon Scaife made sure Hillary was seen with
him before the Pennsylvania primary? You think Rupert Murdoch supported
her because he thinks she’s the best person to be the next president?

Don’t feel bad. You’ve been duped. It happens to a lot of political
neophytes. Here’s a piece of advice; if someone says they have
something politically explosive, make them show it to you. Unless they
can show it to you, they don’t have it. They might try to make it
later, but they don’t actually have it.

In the meantime, stop making a fool of yourself, and stop this
nonsense. If you can look and listen to Michelle Obama speak, and even
imagine her shouting "Death to Whitey" and raising her fist in a "Black
Power" salute or some such nonsense, I’d say put down the box of wine,
because you’ve had enough.

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