Leahy Says F*** You Back to Bushies

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say the Democrats in the Senate are going to become increasingly frustrated and pissy with the Bush White House. They’re simply not used to being the least effective body in Congress, and while they don’t have enough votes to do anything drastic, they can make it clear to the voting public where the problem is…

From: Leahy Threatens Bush Aides With Contempt – The Huffington Post.

A top Senate Democrat on Monday threatened to hold members of the Bush administration in contempt for not producing subpoenaed information about the legal justification for President Bush’s secretive eavesdropping program.

"When the Senate comes back in the session, I’ll bring it up before the committee," said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. "I prefer cooperation to contempt. Right now, there’s no question that they are in contempt of the valid order of the Congress."

Leahy’s committee on June 27 subpoenaed the Justice Department, National Security Council and the offices of the president and vice president for documents relating to the National Security Agency’s legal justification for the wiretapping program.

White House lawyer Fred Fielding, in a Monday letter to Leahy, said that the administration needed more time.

"A core set of highly sensitive national security and related
documents we have so far identified are potentially subject to claims
of executive privilege and that a more complete collection and review
of all materials responsive to the subpoenas will require additional
time," Fielding said.

Leahy said they had waited long enough.

"It has been almost two months since service of the subpoenas, three
weeks since the time they asked for additional time. And still, we have
nothing at all," Leahy said.

Is there a greater bunch of pussies on the planet than Congressional Republicans? Here they are, stuck with an incompetent White House, that is effectively killing the party slowly with its actions, and yet none of them have the balls to stand up to the Bushies. Even the few who aren’t chickenhawks seem to be deathly afraid of opposing this 29% popularity White House…

Write your Congressperson, and especially your Senators — and I do NOT mean e-mail, either — and let them know that they have to stand up to this White House and do what’s right. And by the way, that includes writing to Democrats AND Republicans; the GOP needs the wake-up call, and the Dems need the spine…

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