Less Than 3 Weeks: The GOP Wants US to Promise “No Court Packing”? Huh?

I’ve already voted, and I have already checked to make sure the vote was counted, which it was.

You’re welcome. You should do the same, if you can. No matter what Lord Donny says, mail-in voting is safe. Even if the Postmaster General is a pro-Trump moron, most of the people who work for the Postal Service are just regular people who presumably care about democracy and will take care with your vote. The truly important thing is, you have to vote. Everyone has to vote. If everyone votes, we’ll never have to see that bright orange as a politician ever again. In fact, if we get him the hell out of there, we can see that he’s fitted fr a jumpsuit that matches his skin color and make sure he’s never seen in public again.

Of course, Trump is a major reason this is an important election, but it isn’t the only reason. If you’re fretting over the confirmation of Susan Cooney Barrett, for example, and you’re disappointed that Joe Biden won’t answer the question of whether or not he plans to pack the (Supreme) Court, consider that the GOP has been packing the court system for decades. Barrett already packed the appeals court; she’s just been nominated to pick the highest court in the land. Back when Obama was (a legitimate) President, Moscow Mitch McConnell did his best to slow down the confirmation of Obama-nominated judges, and he also refused to allow Obama to replace Justice Scalia when he died, refusing to allow hearings on centrist Judge Merrick Garland, thus allowing Trump to fill that seat with Justice Gorsuch. Trump didn’t engineer that, his party did. Meanwhile, whenever Reagan or a Bush was President, Republicans confirmed as many judges as they possibly could at every level of the federal bench.

Therefore, when we listen to Republicans whine because Joe Biden won’t commit to a promise not to “pack the court,” the whining is extremely empty and should be dismissed, especially since the GOP has spent the past 30 years trying to pack the courts with right wing clowns, based on their theory that the only issues that matter are God, guns, gays and tax cuts, none of which are popular with voters. Not being popular with voters means they can only get their way by manipulating the courts.

This is why all Republicans have to go, not just Trump. Trump is essentially a caricature of a Republican politician, and he’s doing what he’s told because he thinks that’s how he can win. We have to prove him wrong by rejecting everything Trump stands for, which means rejecting everything the GOP stands for. We have to do this, and do it in such a way that makes it impossible for Republicans to cheat and/or steal. It’s landslide time, Democrats…

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