Let McCain Crawl in the Swamp: Don’t Join Him

You know, one of the
best things about the Obama campaign to date has been the positivity that has
encompassed the message he has delivered over the last 18 months. The Clinton campaign, and now the Republican
Party have attacked him repeatedly, and he has responded to the attacks in a
very bright way; he answers them swiftly and surely, and then turns the
discussion back to the issues important to the American people.


Now, of course, the
McCain campaign is in full desperation mode, and they are planning to spend the
rest of their campaign attacking Obama on everything they can think of, and
hoping that something sticks this time, that hasn’t stuck before.


In other words,
folks; the McCain people are betting that voters are stupid. They’ve decided
that, as more and more voters lose their jobs; as more voters lose thousands of
dollars on their 401(k)s; as more voters lose their homes; as more voters lose
relatives and friends in Iraq and Afghanistan; as the incredible incompetence
of the Bush Administration and the Republican Party becomes more and more
evident every day; you, the voter will care most about Bill Ayers, Reverend
Wright and pretend tax increases.


Here’s my plea to
the Obama campaign;


Please don’t fall
into this trap. Yes, it’s good to bring up the Keating Five issue, because that
goes to McCain’s judgment regarding financial matters. It’s also fair to bring
up McCain’s love of the neocon policies that led us to this precipice of disaster.


But that can’t
become the whole campaign. If that’s what McCain feels he has to do to win,
fine; he’s wrong, but then, he’s running the worst Republican campaign since at
least 1932. You, Barack Obama, however,
are a bright light in what has been a very dark political climate for about the
last 30 years. For the first time since 1976, people are actually voting FOR a
candidate who stands for something.


One of the oldest
tricks in the Republican playbook has to do with their tendency to try to
poison the electorate with irrelevant garbage that has nothing to do with the
issues that matter to the majority. Their goal is to disgust as many people as
possible with the process; to make them think that all politicians are the
same, and will do anything at all to win, including "smearing" their


I know there is a
loud call from people on the far left to match the Republicans smear for smear,
and bring up everything you can about John McCain, but let’s face facts; the
far left has been politically irrelevant for quite some time. Ignore them, and run the same campaign you’ve
been running all along. The American people are worried about things, and they
need reassurance that someone will take the reins of power and guide the
government back to the people. They need
positives, not negatives. If John McCain doesn’t understand that, that’s his
problem. Just stay the course, and give the American people some hope that the
government will be back on their side sometime soon.


Again; it’s okay to
point out that McCain is wrong on the issues. But make sure only he crawls in
the mud. Resist the temptation to join him.

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