Let’s Hear It for the Youth

I am incredibly encouraged by the number of young people
involved in this convention. Besides the usual hundreds of high school and
college-age volunteers that usually populate the hall, there are an
extraordinary number of young delegates and staff members, as well. Not only
that, but there are a lot more under-25 supporters than I have seen in the
political system in many years.

Yes, I know, it’s common for young people to attend protest
marches and rallies, but I’m talking about real, electoral politics; the kind
that determines which people make actual policies that affect people. The kids
I’ve talked to are engaged, they are concerned about their future and, contrary
to Republican popular belief, they like Obama because they believe he has the
stones to change things for the better, not because he’s good looking and is
very popular.

Young people are the key to everything; just as much as the
elderly. The elderly are a very important constituency, but we know they
usually vote and participate, primarily because they know what can happen when
people don’t participate fully. But young people tend to shy away from voting,
unless they’re really pissed off, and they need a lot of encouragement to continue
participating. We should definitely encourage their participation, and help
them make the political system work for them.

In other words, it’s encouraging that young people are
actually participating in the process. Let’s make sure the politicians they
help us elect make their lives better. Show them that we actually care. We have
to pay down their debt for them, provide them with affordable health insurance,
and allow them to get an education without having to spend the first ten years
of their working life paying off the money they were forced to borrow because
the neocons who have been running the government chose to spend money on tax
breaks for oil companies and to grease the palms of Bush corporate cronies.

The youth of America are trying to make their voices heard.
It’s time we heard them, and helped them make the system work for them.  

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