Liberals, here’s our chance, if we don’t blow it…

Pic 64I wonder how many liberals realize the opportunity we have right now to re-shape the politics of this country into something we can live with? All we really have to do is to kick the Republican Party out of office; and if you look around you, that shouldn’t be hard to do.

Consider this from The Hill, “ObamaCare signups surge in southern states“:

Signups for ObamaCare are surging in southern states, with increases of nearly 100 percent in some states compared to last year, federal health officials said Wednesday.

Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina and Mississippi have each seen 80 percent more signups compared to last year, Deputy Administrator Andy Slavitt said.


More than 1 million people have signed up for plans in Texas, with about 180,000 in South Carolina, 150,000 in Louisiana and 90,000 in Mississippi.

HHS also announced Wednesday that 7.75 million people have signed up for ObamaCare using the federal exchange so far this year. Slavitt added that “millions more” have signed up through state exchanges, though he did not have specific numbers.

Pic 21bDo you know what that means? If the surge continues in 2016, which is likely, by the time of the 2016 election Republicans would essentially be running to take away health insurance from upwards of 25-30 million people. And many of them will be their own voters. Even Republicans aren’t that stupid. The issue of healthcare reform has always been our issue, and we won.

It also means we progressives own it. That means we can run on improving the system throughout 2016, which will mean doing a lot more than screaming useless catch-phrases like “public option” and “single payer” like we have Tourette’s. We will eventually get a public insurance option of some sort, in part because the insurance companies themselves will demand it to cut their level of risk. However, that’s not where our focus should be. The focus should be on looking at some actual flaws in the system and suggesting actual fixes to them, a few at a time. It means working to try to get the remaining people covered and doing so in a way that doesn’t harm the people who are already covered. It means getting serious about winning the politics for a change and looking at the big picture, instead of looking at the micro, and obsessing over minutiae.

Pic 11Healthcare isn’t the only issue Republicans have lost, of course. Marriage equality is lost, too. Soon, the barriers to marriage for same-sex couples will be gone. More than likely, the Supreme Court will rule that way later this term; the only solid votes in favor of continuing this silliness are Scalia and Thomas, who apparently think states should be able to run all over the Constitution if they want. But now, same-sex marriage is legal in 36 states and the pendulum has swung. People simply don’t feel the same way about gay people, or even homosexuality, as they once did; gays simply aren’t as “icky” to most people. And Republicans have come to depend mightily on the (capital L) Libertarians, and they’re actually against issuing marriage licenses to anyone, but if licenses are being issued, they generally have a problem with refusing them to some people.

They can’t kill Obamacare, and they can’t win on the “gay issue” anymore. They also can’t win on immigration.

The problem with their stance on immigration is, they have none. Something must be done to get it under control, and most voters know and understand this. Yet, their insistence on opposing anything Democrats want, combined with their tendency to see “compromise” as “weakness” and their preoccupation with code words means almost nothing will be done, and that is unacceptable. They can’t actually do something about this without alienating their most fervent acolytes. They’ve lost the issue to the point that they can’t even talk about it.

They don’t even really have the gun issue. If you’re paying attention, you may have noticed that they don’t actually push gun legislation anymore, because they can’t. Liberals haven’t lost on guns, folks; it’s a stalemate. If we could stop screaming and yelling and proselytizing about guns for a while and just start dealing with the gun problem in a rational way, we could win this. Stop reacting to every stupid thing they say about guns and we could take that issue away from them forever. We’re right, but we never speak about guns as if we’re right.

David MooreIf PUBs (emos) and professional lefties would just take a deep breath and stop obsessing over minutiae long enough to look around, they would find that the “God, gun and gays” GOP of yore is lost, and they really don’t know where they’re going. If you doubt that, check out this story from the last few days, “Montana lawmaker wants to expand indecent exposure law to include male nipples.”

A legislator in Montana wants to expand the state’s indecent exposure law to ban both male and female nipple exposure and outlaw clothing that “gives the appearance or simulates” a person’s buttocks, genitals, pelvic area or female nipple.

Republican Rep. David Moore, of Missoula, proposed the bill in reaction to a group of naked bicyclists who pedaled through Missoula in August 2014.

His bill would also ban tight-fitting beige clothing, and he has strong feelings about yoga pants of any color.

Seriously, why would any Republican turn to something this bizarre if there was something else for him to talk about?

The electoral process is ours to win, fellow liberals. We just have to want it. Stop attacking Democrats, stop reacting to everything the right wing says and does, and for God’s sake, stop emphasizing the political micro and start looking at the big picture.

We need to stop snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. We really need to embrace the Democratic Prty, warts and all, and get rid of these idiots.


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  1. Yes please, no knee-jerking “they’re both the same”. Things are changing, as they always will where necessity is involved, including a significant pushback against the Koch brothers in, of all places, Kalispell, MT. What was the PUB takeaway from the crowd’s rejection of the assault on Medicaid? That their GOP Congressman wasn’t fully on board with it but wanted to see how it could fit MT’s needs. Here he is, standing up to the Kochs, willing to look into a MT-friendly version of Medicaid expansion – but he’s not pure, so he is the enemy. Talk about missing the significant big picture! He refused to sign the Koch pledge, is engaging with health expansion, but – ENEMY! This ideological absolutism is as dangerous to our side as it is from the other side. We have movement toward good – we need to take advantage of it without reservation.