Limbaugh Demonstrates Why the GOP is Toast

I used to be outraged by stuff like this. Now, I’m amused by the abject cluelessness of the wingnut leadership.

"Comedian" Rush Limbaugh (Keith Olbermann calls him that because it irritates the right. I don’t think he’s very funny, so I prefer Scumbag Rush Limbaugh) puts a lot of his illogical rants on his web site, and puts links to them on his front page. Well, apparently, on his show today, he ranted about the fact that Democrats noticed that President Bush mentioned al Qaeda 96 times in discussing Iraq, and noted that MOST members of al Qaeda isn’t anywhere near Iraq right now, that 85% or more of the attacks that are killing Amercan soldiers are NOT courtesy of al Qaeda, and that the original war against al Qaeda, in Afghanistan, is being badly neglected, to the point that al Qaeda is regrouping and getting stronger…

See, apparently Limbaugh thinks that, by expressing frustration at the fact that Bush has neglected our actual enemies, the terrorists of al Qaeda, and has exaggerated their effect in Iraq, because he’s trying to continue to rationalize an occupation that makes no sense, it’s the Democrats who are compromising the country’s defense. So, on the front of his web site, the idiot Limbaugh placed this:


Isn’t that funny?

Ya see… cuz the so-called "comedian" called the terrorist a Democrat! Hahahahaha… that’s just a laugh riot, ain’t it?

Wonder if Rush and those incredible kidders on the right ever think about the fact that it’s likely that many of the soldiers in the battlefield, and many of the soldiers who have been killed or maimed fighting  for their country are or were Democrats. I wonder if they or their families think such a thing is "funny."

At what point do even his listeners finally figure out that they’re all seen as ignorant putzes by the vast majority of the public? When does right and wrong even factor into their behavior?

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