Limbaugh Finally Admits It: Civil Rights No Big Deal to the Far Right…

You know, sometimes you see something that just makes your jaw come apart and fall to the ground.

I had always suspected that the right wing didn't care about an individuals; not really, anyway. Oh, sure, they don't want anyone to mess with their guns. Of course, they don't want women to have abortions (none of us do, really, but for some reason, they think their opposition is special). And they really don't want to pay any taxes. But other than that, what do they believe in?

In a discussion on his radio hatefest today, Limbaugh actually tried to defend the new Arizona law that mirrors Nazi Germany more than it mirrors anything that's happened in the United States since we rounded up Japanese Americans and locked them in internment camps.

The following is courtesy of Media Matters:

LIMBAUGH: What the people of Arizona are saying is, they know some civil rights will probably be violated along the way, but they don't care. They want the law anywhere.

You've got Hezbollah in Arizona. You've got Mexican drug cartels operating in Arizona. You've
Limbaughenq got the steady stream of illegals over the border, and you've got people being killed now in Arizona. They are at their wits' end. Enforcing the law is the overall thing, and if there are some civil rights violations, so be it. That's how desperate the situation is. They want the law anyway.

See, not everybody thinks that civil rights are the end-all and be-all of every single issue. But folks in Washington just cannot imagine that. "Civil rights violations? Oh my gosh. The worst thing we could possibly do is have civil rights violations" — because it's code words. It's simple code words. "Civil rights violations." You know who that's designed to stir up. And who's Obama stirring up anyway?

Okay, there's more, but let's stop there.

Let me make something clear here. THE PEOPLE of Arizona didn't pass that piece of shit bill. The Republican-dominated legislature, which has been crammed full of right wing morons over the years, passed this bill because they're trying to play to the "base," because they've convinced themselves that the idiots who elected them in the first place won't reelect them unless they show themselves to be complete and utter racist nutbars. Don't blame "the people" for this travesty; blame the cowardly assholes who are scared to death of the people they depend on for their jobs. They're pandering to braindead morons who watch far too much Fox News and thinks Rush Limbaugh is an intellectual, and not the ignorant fartbag he actually is.

Rushcrybaby Civil rights is the cornerstone of this country. The reason the goddamn Bill of Rights was passed in the first place was to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. Our civil rights are not subject to a vote; they are embedded in the Constitution and they trump anything that anyone else wants.

By the way, Limbaugh seemed to value his civil rights greatly when Florida authorities wanted his medical records. If Latinos will be required to demonstrate to the police that they have not committed a crime, then why wasn't the Gasbag Limbaugh required to give up his medical records to prove he wasn't doctor shopping?

And in what fantasy world is he living, anyway. Hezbollah's mounting an offensive in Arizona? For what, exactly? Does he even know what Hezbollah is and what they stand for? What exactly would they gain by blowing shit up in Arizona? Mexican drug cartels are in Mexico, not Arizona; hence the name, Mexican drug cartels." Are they using mules to run drugs into the United States? Sure. But what kind of mental midget thinks this stupid-ass law would catch anyone, anyway? Arizona police will be spending so much time stopping Latinos and checking papers, the Mexican drug cartels will be sending Anglos with blonde hair and blue eyes over the border with US Passports. Thousands of trucks a day pass over the US-Mexico border, but Limbaugh actually imagines undocumented immigrants are carrying shitloads of drugs.

Oh, and by the way, Nogales, Douglas and Agua Prieta, which are all border cities, all have a lower crime rate than the state as a whole, which would indicate that immigrants are not the problem.

Now as for Obama "stirring up" shit, I really hate to break it to the gasbag Limbaugh, but it's the law that's stirring things up. Obama didn't write this law, Obama didn't vote for this law, and Obama didn't sign this law.
Let me ask you wingnuts out there;What if the state of Arizona passed a law that required police to stop every single redneck in the state because, well, people are getting shot in Arizona, and rednecks are most likely to own guns and therefore must be doing the shooting? Would you support that? Would you like it if every single Arizonan was stopped and searched at random and forced to prove they didn't have drugs on them? Would that be acceptable? I mean, we know an awful lot of people are doing drugs in Arizona; what better way to get to the bottom of the problem than to make everyone in the state prove that they do not, in fact, use drugs?

(I still say these cynical bastards passed this knowing the courts would strike the law down, thus letting them off the hook.)But Limbaugh's not finished yet. This actually gets more clueless, if that's possible…

We gotta reconnect young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women for 2010 — in a video put out by the DNC over the weekend. This is the regime at its racist best. What's the regime doing? Asking blacks and Latinos to join him in a fight. What is a campaign if not a fight? He's asking young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women to reconnect. To fight who? Who's this fight against?

Civil rights violations in Arizona. We've got to make sure that the state of Arizona plays fair. Who is this fight against?

Once again, we're treated to the right wing meme, that Obama is racist. But it's far worse than that, folks. It's race-baiting.

Think about what this asshole is saying, folks.

The Republicans in the Arizona legislature, most of which have a "base" that consists of extreme right wingers, are still trying to shore up support with them, so they engage in the most cynical form of deceit in American politics, by passing a bill that they KNOW will be struck down, just so they can say to the slimiest element of their constituency that they're looking out for them. Then, the right wing governor (who has never actually been elected governor, by the way) signs it, so that she doesn't have to face a primary fight to keep her job.

What they signed was a law that, at its core, requires police officers to screen all Latinos to find the ones who are here illegally. But those of us who oppose that sort of thing are the racists?
This fight is against racist demagogues like Limbaugh; that's who it's against. It's against people like your sorry ass, who believes that civil rights are no big deal, and should be traded for an illusion of safety. But I'll tell you what; my fear of Hezbollah is trumped a million times over by my fear of the prospect that my government will have the power to accuse me of anything it wants to, at will, and make me prove my innocence in order to get out.
This fight is against tyrants, like those cowards who listen to the Right Wing Fart Machine and follow their marching orders, and it's being fought by people like me; real patriots, who care about real freedom and the rule of law.


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