Limbaugh the Whore

You know, I would never do an advertisement for Tom DeLay, or Newt Gingrich, and if Rudy Giuliani asked me to do one, I’d laugh in his face. Not that any of them would ask me, of course. But let’s say they did, and offered me millions of dollars to do it. I still wouldn’t do one, because I do have principles. I also wouldn’t do an ad for assault weapons, for the same reason.

Of course, the same goes both ways. They wouldn’t want me to do an ad, because what they pretend to stand for isn’t what I stand for at all, and it simply doesn’t make any sense to compromise your principles for a few bucks, even when you only pretend to have some.

Rush Limbaugh has spent many, many years laughing his ass off at the concepts of global warming and an ozone hole. I remember, when I used to have to listen to his crapfest to write on it for a newsletter I wrote for back in the mid-90s, he would go on and on about it, ad nauseum. One of his most famous "refutations" was his claim that almost all of the excess chlorine in the atmosphere was due to an apparent abundance of volcanic activity at the time. His premise was that the ozone hole was a hoax, although given that most such hoaxes result in the enrichment of someone, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly who was ever enriched by the ozone hole; Coppertone, perhaps?Limbaugh_oxycontin

But lately, especially since Al Gore has come out and presented the science of global warming as articulately and concisely as anyone has ever presented scientific thought to the masses, Limbaugh has stepped up his "Chicken Little" rhetoric.

Here are a few examples:

August 10, 2005: "I think the modern environmental movement is simply the latest refuge
for communists and socialists who are opposed to capitalism."

December 1, 2005: "I just think these wacko environmentalists take these naturally
occurring climatic cycles and try to blame primarily America and other
civilized industrialized nations for all this, and it’s purely
political. But these things are going to happen, and if this is
happening, there’s nothing we can do to stop it."

And finally, my favorite, and note the date…

June 29, 2007: "Follow
the money and understand what’s really going on.  This is a hoax.  It’s
junk science.  It’s being portrayed as something to make you scared to
death we’re all going to die.  You’re supposed to vote liberal for
this; supposed to make some sacrifices; pay higher taxes; drive a car
you don’t want to drive;
live in a house you don’t want to live; live
where you don’t want to live; detergent you don’t want to use, all this
rotgut stuff, and then at the end of the day even after doing all that
you’re still going to get sued or you’re going to pay a price. Or maybe
you’ll be a turncoat and hire one of these lawyers.  Big rainstorm
comes, floods your house, that’s global warming, who can I sue?  Well,
a lawyer will find somebody to sue for you.  Hello, if big tobacco
thought that they were in the crosshairs — I don’t know who’s in the
crosshairs on this, the US government, but it’s going to be various
industries who are said to be polluting and Big Oil will probably be
the big target here, Big Oil, Big Natural Gas, electricity, utilities,
this sort of thing, it’s coming, you have been warned."

So, Rush thinks global warming is a hoax. He thinks it’s a left wing commie plot to kill capitalism by what — killing oil companies or something? It would be difficult to believe that Rush Limbaugh, just one month after the above (note the passage in bold), would EVER do a commercial for any company that was trying to combat global warming, and hawking alternative fuels, right?

Well, not to Rush Limbaugh the whore…

Listen to this ad

Yes, you heard that right. Rush Limbaugh, the pill-popping, Viagra-needing whore, is hawking General Motors’ line of vehicles, and assuring us that GM is "committed to the environment."

One has to wonder who’s dumber here. Does General Motors think that Rush Limbaugh is the guy to hawk their new "environmental commitment?" Does Limbaugh realize that most of his audience of inbred morons Limbaughenq_2
are probably thinking of him as a sell-out right now?

Next time Rush Limbaugh says anything about any environmental issue being a "hoax," just keep in mind that Limbaugh himself is apparently an environmentalist.

Or are you telling me he was lying when he said that General Motors was committed to the environment?

Which is it?

While you ponder that, go ahead and download an old standard; Rush himself sings about himself…

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