Neuter Limbaugh AND the GOP by Also Going After His Owners, Like Willard Romney!

I fully support the attempts by women’s groups and others to put pressure on Rush Limbaugh after his misogynistic comments earlier this week. There seem to be some who are operating under the illusion that they may be able to shut Limbaugh down and get him off the radio altogether. In my opinion, even stating that as a purpose could come back to bite us. Let me assure you, this won’t happen. Some point to the example of getting Glenn Beck canned from Fox News, but radio operates under a completely different financial model than a cable network, which would make it close to impossible to shut him down completely. 

But that doesn’t mean the effort is worthless, which is why I have been joining the effort all day, contacting advertisers and others, to make sure sufficient pressure is placed on them to make them nervous.

Note, I said and others. Who are the others, might you ask?

Can you say the Republican Party and Mitt Romney?

Let me explain something. You see, Rush Limbaugh doesn’t actually work for “EIB.” He works for an entity called Premiere Radio Networks. That entity is owned by Clear Channel Media & Entertainment.  By the way, Premiere also owns the Glenn Beck Radio Program.  But what’s most interesting about this are the owners of Clear Channel; Thomas H. Lee Partners LP and…

Bain Capital Partners, LLC.

Perhaps you’ve heard of them.

That’s right; Mitt Romney owns the Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck radio programs.  Talk about your conflicts of interest. And our golden opportunity!

See, one of the limitations on going after Limbaugh’s advertisers is that his program doesn’t make as much money from national advertisers as it does from individual radio station fees and local advertising from affiliates.  But with two investment companies owning Limbaugh’s program, we have a whole new set of ways to hit Limbaugh’s owners, financially. We also have an opportunity to force the likely Republican nominee to disavow the titular head of his own party, Rush Limbaugh, which will likely create problems with his own base in the upcoming election. Actually, such an event could even give his rival, Rick Santorum, enough of a lift to make him the nominee, which would set up an actual general election between what the right wing actually stands for and what reasonable people stand for. And wouldn’t that be a shame?

The Democratic Underground has a list of Limbaugh’s national advertisers, which is a good start, although I urge you to use your own language when you write them; don’t just cut and paste; it makes them not pay attention.  But in addition to his advertisers, let’s also go after Thomas Lee and Partners, LP and Bain Capital Partners, LLC, and put some pressure on them.

In addition to them, plaster Mitt Romney and Reince Preibus with messages, demanding that the Republican Party denounce Rush Limbaugh for his statements against women. Let very voter KNOW there is a DIRECT CONNECTION between them and radio's biggest gasbag. 

Some companies connected to Thomas Lee and Partners, LP:


Dunkin Brands (Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins)

Warner Music Group (also co-owned with Bain Capital)


Michael Foods (makers of Better’n Eggs, AllWhites, Crystal Farms and Simply Potatoes)

inVentiv Health Services  

Ceridian Corporaton (a human resources company)


Some companies connected to Bain Capital:

AMC Theaters


Toys R Us

Domino’s Pizza (also a major sponsor of Limbaugh’s program)


Burger King

Burlington Coat Factory

Guitar Center

Michael’s Arts & Crafts

HCA – Hospital Corporation of America



Let’s really go after his, and make it full-fledged political issue, and go a lot deeper than just advertisers. And let's make sure the Republican Party sweats a bit, too. 



Neuter Limbaugh AND the GOP by Also Going After His Owners, Like Willard Romney! — 7 Comments

  1. Chris, I agree completely. The best approach is always “we’re better than this, and you” – making it clear that it’s freedom to associate, we don’t want any but you’re certainly free to belly up to the trough. Look at what’s happening with the ultrasound/abortion debacle in RVA – once the assholes are outed, simply and clearly, as assholes, all kinds of backtracking rolls down the line …

  2. I’ve often thought the reaction to incidents like this are all backwards. Instead of calling on Republicans to repudiate Limbaugh we should say that they have the right to associate with whomever they want, even if they are racist, homophobic, misogynistic assholes. But, if they choose to do so, they should know that they will be seen as birds-of-a-feather as long as they do.
    So, go ahead GOP, embrace Limbaugh. You deserve him.

  3. I’m starting to think that we’ll keep the Senate, win back the House and Obama will coast to victory. Calling a woman a slut because she uses birth control – he was so over the top that I can only expect that he was high on something. Bizarre. Yeah, massive pressure has to be put on Romney, he has to come out against Limbaugh like Scott Brown did, and if not, use it against him!

  4. I’m only talking about forcing him to denounce Limbaugh, since he still makes a profit off of the gasbag’s bluster. But he also pimps Bain Capital pretty much everywhere he goes. It’s tied to him and it’s tied to Limbaugh…

  5. Of course, Romney no longer owns Bain. But he was a co-founder, and was with them for many years. He still draws a profit share, and it’s a good bet he has leverage he could apply.