Looking For Something to Read? Two Books Now Available for Pre-Sale, Cheap!

I have TWO new e-books coming out on March 1 and, because I can use the money and the progressive movement could use more guidance, I am making them available for pre-order starting today. Both will sell for $9.99 when they are officially released, but you can pre-order each for $7.99, or pre-order both books for $15.

There Are No Unicorns

This is a book full of great strategies for winning elections, which is the key thing that really matters. This is a no-holds-barred look at the current progressive movement, including unvarnished looks at the unicorn progressive sector and how the professional left is ultimately prolonging the Republicans’ domination of the process. Included are chapters on how unicorn progressives and the professional left were just as complicit as the Russians in handing the last election to Trump, as well as one discussing why hanging onto the older folks is no way to move the Democrats forward. Like I said; this book is blunt, and confronts many ingrained truths about where the progressive movement has been, where it is going and how we can get there and create a truly liberal, progressive country.

The Second Coming

This is a novel that could be the most blasphemous book ever written. It takes on religion and the silliness of the current obsession with it. There is one entire chapter explaining the neoconservative movement and why its ideology makes no sense, but this is largely a non-political tome. It’s just a lot of fun and, becauase it takes place in the future, there are necessarily predictions about where we may be headed, both technologically and otherwise.

I guarantee you will love both these books. They are being edited thoroughly now, and will be ready to be sent to you no later than March 1. They are available for Kindle and virtually every other e-book format available, and in just about every e-book store, including Kindle.

To pre-order, click one of the buttons below, and the book or books will arrive in your email on or before March 1. And thank you.


There Are No Unicorns


The Second Coming

Both Books

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