Lord Donny is Getting People Killed, Already

This is what happens when we allow the “Fuck You Caucus” to have their way.

I am in no way a violent person. The last time I was in a physical fight was when I was 11. I beat the living crap out of the school bully then and, while I was elated on one level, it also scared the hell out of me, so I’ve always tried other ways to get the better of bullies. However, I have to say, whenever I hear a unicorn progressive, a professional leftie or a Bernie Stan lecture me about the dangers of Donald Trump, I have to quash a slight instinct to want to punch them in the nose. And if one more of them gives as an excuse, “we managed to survive Bush,” I can’t say I won’t punch them AND puke on them. No, we did NOT “survive Bush.” One of the main reasons President Obama couldn’t perform the miracles you expected of him in 2009-2010 was because he had to prevent a depression. In my case, I lost roughly 40% of my 401(k) in a six-week period while the bank was preparing to transfer it to another account in 2008. And I was lucky; I know people who lost twice as much. I also believe the thousands of troops who were killed and maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan did not “survive Bush,” and we know the more than 1 million dead Iraqis and the 10 million Iraqi refugees would disagree with that assessment.

Why do these idiots think we are stuck with a mentally ill billionaire in the White House? I mean, for years, they have been warning about the danger of the rich controlling too much of government, and yet they weren’t concerned enough about Trump to let go of their irrational hatred of Hillary Clinton? We got here because they ignored the warnings we tried to give them. When I say “we,” I mean liberals who understood the danger involved and explained why Hillary had to win. Period. Yes, the Republican Party was and is coming apart at the seams, which was obvious when they nominated an idiot like Donald Trump, but it was always absolutely necessary that we all band together to make sure Hillary Clinton won.  For her to not win would mean the “Fuck You Caucus” would control one of the three branches of government. And as much as I wish we had been wrong, we were not. People are getting killed. None of the shit that is happening right now would be happening if Clinton had won. And please don’t tell me “Bernie would have won” because that’s just stupid. He got blown out in the primary and he has been a “democratic socialist” all his life. Who in their right mind thinks MORE people would have shown up to cast a vote for him? He might have won, but it’s not a given.

To explain once again, the “Fuck You Caucus” are made up of right wingers and, frankly, left wingers who want nothing more than to upset the apple cart. They hate government and they claim to hate authority, even though the right-leaning ones often lean toward authoritarians in their political preferences. And now, one of their occupies the White House. He embodies everything they claim to believe in, which is simply about blowing things up and doing things differently, without rhyme or reason. Lord Donny has no idea what he’s doing, he is completely incurious, which means he will never learn anything, and you can tell by the chaos inside the White House right now that he hasn’t event he slightest desire for any sort of order.

Some people talk about revolution. Some people dream of revolution. However, there are times when revolution is not necessary or wise. This is one of those times. This also happens to be a time when revolution is not only unnecessary, but impossible. If you bothered to listen to either Bernie or Donny during the campaign last year, they were describing a United States that does not exist. Listen to either of them and you heard about a hellscape that was far worse than even the depths of the Great Recession. Donny was far worse, of course; when you listened to him speak, you got an image that was straight out of The Grapes of Wrath. And that is how he’s governing. He’s not invested in the real world; he has created this hellscape and that’s where his asinine Executive Orders and Memoranda are going.

Think about it. His first action was to take away everyone’s health insurance, as if health insurance costs were skyrocketing. That was the case before the ACA, but it’s not the real world now. Then he announced that he would pull out of every free trade agreement and negotiate one-on-one with every other country we trade with, as if globalization hasn’t been happening for a generation already. His approach to Mexican border wall is based on the fantasy that people were pouring over the border by the millions, which has never really been the case, but really hasn’t been the case for about a decade. Over the past decade, the net illegal immigration over the Mexican border has been net zero. And his Muslim Ban deals with a problem that doesn’t exist, in part because the seven countries he chose to ban immigration from have never tried to kill us. It’s obvious that the line he drew was where his business interests are, since he left Saudi Arabia off the list and the Saudis fund al Qaeda and Saudis were among the most frequent suicide bombers to take out our troops in Iraq.

Overall, his foreign policy so far has been completely inept, as one would expect from anyone in the “Fuck You Caucus.” Like most of his biggest supporters, Lord Donny knows nothing about the world except what he’s learned during his “deal-making.” He’s much like the deplorable who knows everything about the Middle East because he once had a cab driver from there or because the guy at the 7-11 “wore a turban.” Donny neither knows nor cares about diplomacy, even though diplomacy is the key to everything in foreign policy. He is under the impression that he is the nation’s CEO and that everything he does is in that capacity. And now, he’s getting people killed. It won’t be the last time, either. His overall attitude will get a lot of Americans killed all over. And it’s time the press started doing its job and shut down the “Fuck You Caucus” once and for all.

For example, about one week into this shitstorm the press is referring to as an “administration,” as if what’s going on is normal, Lord Donny gave the go-ahead to a very risky plan to take out a few al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen. The raid was planned by President Obama, but as more intelligence came in, Obama kind of pushed it aside. He actually nixed it at one point because it was too risky. Yet, Lord Donny wants to look like a “tough guy” on terrorism, so he gave the go ahead, without reevaluating new intelligence, and without ground support and without a back-up plan, should things go wrong. As a result, they took down a few targeted militants, but we lost a member of SEAL team six and an 8-year-old American girl, who was Amwar Al-Awlaki’s daughter. As more information comes out, however, it seems that the military action may have taken out as many as a few dozen innocent civilians; perhaps as many as 2-3 times as many civilians were killed as were militants.

If the reports are true, this is a much bigger deal than Benghazi, if for no other reason than WE perpetrated the attack. In a really unusual move, military personnel have come forward in the press and blamed Trump, which is something I have never seen before. The entire press in this country and all over the world should be on this. Congress should investigate and hold hearings, at the very least. If the reports turn out to even be plausible. We have to take this shot seriously. And it’s time someone in the Republican Party showed some balls and demand that Lord Donny hire people with experience and knowledge of foreign policy to take over his foreign policy until he’s up to speed. In less than two weeks, he has already conducted a fucked up raid in a Muslim country and essentially declared war against Islam at a time when one of our most important foreign policy problems is recruitment by terrorist groups like ISIL.

We have to shut down the “Fuck You Caucus” once and for all, folks. And that means putting pressure on the GOP to put Lord Donny out of our misery. The man is crazy and unpredictable. While Pence is politically disgusting, at least he would be predictable and something we could deal with, to a point.

And please do NOT tell me the GOP won’t impeach. We can make them. Even the rightest of the right in the GOP helped us get rid of Nixon; it was Goldwater who asked him to resign after a majority of Republicans voted for articles of impeachment. And nothing Nixon did ever came close to what Lord Donny has done in two weeks. He has to go.

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