Lord Donny on Iran: What a Joke

It is once again clear that Lord Donny of Trump has no concept of his job, even after nearly a year. Worse, his lack of knowledge doesn’t stop him from saying ignorant things to people in other countries. Last night, he Tweeted the following about Iran:

Then, he Tweeted these:

First thing I noticed was, he seems to have greater regard for peaceful protesters in Iran than those who peacefully protest here. When his base protested everyone but white “Christians” last summer in Charlottesville, Virginia, peaceful protesters were bullied constantly, and his white supremacist fans even ran one over. He ignored that death for the better part of a week.

What’s happening right now is people protesting how the Iranian government is handling certain economic issues, including the price of basic goods like chicken and eggs.  They have a point; the Iranian government has shown itself to be domestically corrupt and is not working to make conditions better for their people.

However, where does Trump get off criticizing the Iranian government while he and his Republican Party are overseeing the most corrupt government in our lifetimes? I mean, he Tweeted from one of his properties, while he is on vacation and playing golf. So far in his first year, he has spent more than one-third of his “presidency” on vacation at one of his properties, which means his own companiy is taking a cut of every dollar spent. The total amount spent is closing in on $200 million already and a lot of that goes into his pocket.

Since it is against the Constitution for him to make a personal profit on his “presidency,” he’s a bit disingenuous to be complaining about the Iranian government. For that matter, check out the hypocrisy:

I agree with Donny on one thing: “The world is watching.” But they’re laughing at you, and they are laughing at us for letting you in there in the first place. It’s time to resign, Donny.

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Lord Donny on Iran: What a Joke — 3 Comments

  1. Is there any way to reach out to people around the world, like through an open chat room or FB page? I feel compelled to apologize to the entire world for having this totally unqualified, ignorant, arrogant, crass, mentally deranged buffoon creating havoc and spreading dissension everywhere. To let them know that the majority of Americans did NOT vote for the fool would greatly relieve my embarrassment. At least until his next act of stupidity.

  2. Milt, I doubt that #45 wrote those tweets himself. The style isn’t right — too coherent, full sentences, no insults. If I have it right, then someone else in the administration is in effect stating policy. Not reassuring at all.

  3. Nailed it.
    The sad fact is that Lil_donnie isn’t smart enough to understand. Nor are those who voted for him.
    The GOP (greedy oil party, or insert your fav here) should be ashamed of itself.