Lord Donny on Voter Fraud

I’ll make this quick.

I said earlier that I am pretty sure Lord Donny is crazy. If I wasn’t clear enough in my previous post, I apologize. Let me say, straight out:

Lord Donny Drumpf is batshit crazy.

However, in some ways, he’s crazy like a fox. I say that because the media and the pro left are going crazy talking about his absurd claim that 3-5 million people voted illegally in this election. Seriously, it’s all over the place, as if he actually believes this bullshit. So, being a helper, I want to take a couple minutes to clear things up.

  1. Hillary Clinton received 3 million more votes than Lord Donny.
  2. In all, 12 million people voted for someone other than Lord Donny.
  3. There are an estimated 50,000 precincts in the United States.
  4. Precincts are not connected to the Internet.
  5. Everyone who votes has to be registered.
  6. Precinct workers check to make sure someone is registered before handing them a ballot.
  7. People who do not have citizenship cannot register to vote.
  8. In order for someone to vote illegally, they would have to know which polling place to go to and they would have to know the address of the person they’re voting for and they would have to know s/he wasn’t going to show up and vote.
  9. In many red states, voters have to have an official state ID card.
  10. In all elections from 2000-2014, there were a total of 31 documented cases of voter fraud, or less than four per year. According to Lord Donny, because he was running the numbers of fraudulent votes cast increased a million-fold.

If Lord Donny reads the news (and according to sources inside his White House, he likes to read about himself a lot), then he knows this. Factcheck disabused him of the fact that voter fraud was a thing a few weeks before the election. (Source) They used facts and figures and studies to prove that Donny is lying when he claims voter fraud is a thing.

Therefore, what Lord Donny is doing is to keep a falsehood alive as a distraction from the truly nasty shit he’s doing during his first week on the job. And not only is “the media” falling for it, but so is the unicorn and professional left. We all know why voter fraud doesn’t exist; are YOU going to risk jail just so you can cast one extra vote in someone else’s name? He’s saying this shit because it gets him column inches and because it distracts people from the real story; that we have a batshit crazy 70-year-old toddler in the White House.


Lord Donny on Voter Fraud — 6 Comments

  1. At first I thought he was focusing on this issue to distract from other serious issues that could be unpopular with Americans. Thinking about it now, however, I suspect that is not his goal at all. He is focused on the voter fraud issue because he can’t stand losing the popular vote. Period. That’s it. It is not a distraction from other issues. His ego just can’t stand the thought that people might not like him.

  2. I hope you’re keeping a tabulation and account of the atrocities that this Pretender President is conducting as well as you did President Obama’s accomplishments. I think he’ll provide a much longer list. I have passed your Obama list on to others that need that info in order to effectively argue with those that only watch Faux News.

  3. Lord Donny? Why give ANY respect, even mockingly? You never heard “Mrs. Clinton” or “Secretary Clinton” or even a mocking “Lady Hillary”- it was always- always- “Crooked Hillary”. The creature who you call “Lord” has never shown respect towards anyone or anything other than himself. If you are going to refer to him by name why not “Loony Donny” or “Dirty Donny” to make- and reinforce, not contradict- your point. I prefer just “Filth” or “Sub-human excrement”

    • Unfortunately most of the folks who voted for Trump see him as “Lord”, so I like the sarcasm Milt is using. No such way is he using it as some sign of respect.

      • I’m surprised anyone would see that as anything but sarcasm. This is the USA. We don’t do royalty here.