Annie Coulter: Squealing Like a Stuck Republican

I got this in an e-mail last night, and I just had to share. It's Annie Coulter's latest column, and it demonstrates just how much she despises the very people who buy her books… wingnuts, pay attention; she's talking about you…

Goodbye, America! It Was Fun While It Lasted
bad enough when illiterate jurors issue damages awards in the billions
of dollars because theyCoulter Barbie
don't grasp the difference between a million
and a billion. Now it turns out the Democrats don't know the difference
between a million and a trillion.

Why not make the "stimulus bill" a kazillion dollars?

Americans who work for a living, or who plan to work for a living
sometime in the next century, are about to be stuck with a
trillion-dollar bill to fund yet more oppressive government
bureaucracies. Or as I call it, a trillion dollars and change.


Note the tone. Can you hear "The Democrats" rolling off the tongue with that signature sneer?

Can you imagine? After eight years of Bush Junior, suddenly, she's concerned about the deficit, and the inability to discern the difference between million, billion and trillion.

Let's give Annie here a little bit of history, shall we? Okay.

When Jimmy Carter left office, and Ronald Reagan took over, as a percentage of GDP, the national debt was at its lowest point that at any time in the post-war era; 32.6%. For the first time since the war, the national debt was within sight of being eliminated. In eight short years, the debt had climbed to 53.1% of GDP. In other words, the debt was growing far faster than the economy, even though Reagan and the wingnuts were telling us how strong the economy was.

Gee; it wasn't growing because of runaway government spending was it?

But Annie's neocon heroes weren't done there. George Bush, Sr. exploded the debt more than even Reagan, as the debt went from 53.1% to 66.2% of GDP.  That's right, folks. Under the REPUBLICANS (you know, NOT DEMOCRATS), spending was so out of control, and revenues dropped so much, that in 12 years, the size of the debt more than DOUBLED, as compared to the entire economy. 

Strangely, under Bill Clinton, that percentage went down in eight years, from 66.2%, to 57.4% of GDP. But of course, as we all know, Annie's hero, Dubya, broke the bank, spending more money and borrowing more money, than any president in history, and the current level of debt is projected to be just a hair under 70% of GDP for fiscal year 2009.

So, let's review. In the post-war period, the national debt went from 117.5% of GDP at the end of World War II, when we needed to go into debt, to 32.6% at the end of Jimmy Carter's term, with Democrats running Congress most of the time, and sharing the White House with Republicans. But when Republicans practically own the White House, and Congress, the debt doubles in size, when compared to the rest of the economy, suddenly, we DEMOCRATS are the ones having a problem telling a million from a trillion?

Here's a question for Annie.

Your chucklehead heroes in the Republican Party have been running the show completely for the last eight years. In that time, Bush has asked for nearly $1 trillion in "emergency" appropriations for Iraq and Afghanistan. Did he just FORGET to include those appropriations in the regular budget? Or did he forget the difference between "million" and "billion"?

And how do you explain the fact that government spending under Republican presidents (who write the budget and have to sign the final budget bill) Reagan and Bush, Sr. went up nearly 30%, and spending under Bush, Jr. went up more than 30%, while spending under Democrat Clinton only increased by 10%? If I were trying to guess who was having a difficult time telling billions from trillions, I would probably be more likely to guess the ones who between them added $10 trillion to the national debt, not the one who actually reduced it.

Here's a little more from the Coultergeist:

stimulus bill isn't as bad as we had expected — it's much worse.
Instead of merely creating useless, make-work jobs digging ditches —
or "shovel-ready," in the Democrats' felicitous phrase — the
"stimulus" bill will create an endless army of government bureaucrats
aggressively intervening in our lives. Instead of digging ditches,
American taxpayers will be digging our own graves.

There are hundreds of examples in the 800-page "stimulus" bill, but here are just two.

First, the welfare bureaucrats are coming back.

(snips usual neocon whine about welfare)

Well, that's over.
The stimulus bill goes a long way toward repealing the work requirement
of the 1996 Republican Welfare Reform bill and rewards states that
increase their welfare caseloads by paying unwed mothers to sit home
doing nothing.

This just simply isn't true, which is about par for the neocon course when it comes to welfare. I've seen the bill. There is an extension of unemployment, and there are subsidies for COBRAs, to keep people from losing insurance while unemployed, and allowing people who qualify for unemployment to also qualify for Medicaid; a measure that will save those who pay for health insurance a whole lot of money in the long run. But there is nothing in the bill that gives anyone anyone who doesn't normally work any money for "doing nothing." Most of the money is designed to provide jobs — you know, money for doing something besides writing whatever thoughts come into your head and screwing wide-eyed Republican men into forking over $39.95 to join a club and get a book they will never read. 

So,what is her other example?

Second, bureaucrats at Health and Human Services
will electronically collect every citizen's complete medical records
and determine appropriate medical care.

Judging by the care
that the State Department took with private visa records last year,
that the Ohio government took with Joe the Plumber's government
records, that the Pentagon took with Linda Tripp's employment records
in 1998, and that the FBI took with thousands of top secret "raw"
background files in President Clinton's first term, the bright side is:
We'll finally be able to find out if Bill Clinton has syphilis — all
thanks to the stimulus bill!

HHS bureaucrats will soon be
empowered to overrule your doctor. Doctors who don't comply with the
government's treatment protocols will be fined. That's right: Instead
of your treatment being determined by your doctor, it will be settled
on by some narcoleptic half-wit in Washington who couldn't get a job in
the private sector.

Can she get anything right? The amount of money is miniscule, as a portion of the package. and all it does is make medical records electronic. That's all. It's so that people who are forced to switch doctors can access their medical records, without having to go through hell. It also makes it possible for doctors in an emergency to make the right treatment decisions, without guessing.

I do share with her some of the concerns about government keeping the records, but not to the same extent. The government will not have any say with regard to medical decisions, any more than they have now. But I find it curious that she's concerned about that, given the fact that health insurance companies already have that power, without significant oversight, and exercise it almost automatically. And isn't she one of those who is keen on giving the right to make reproductive decisions to the government, anyway? 

What else does Annie whine about?

the stimulus bill, liberals plan to move unfirable government workers
into every activity in America, where they will superintend all aspects
of our lives.

Also, thanks to the stimulus bill, the private
sector will gradually shrivel and die. According to the Congressional
Budget Office, the cost of servicing the bill's nearly trillion-dollar
debt will shrink the economy within a decade.

With these two, she literally occupies the "Land of the Lost."

Strangely, if you actually read the stimulus package, you will note that it creates very few government jobs. What it provides is money for government contracts, to do things that needed to be done years ago. What the stimulus bill will actually do is fund infrastructure projects that will be performed by private sector contracts. Construction companies that have had to lay off people, can now bring those people back to work, to build roads and bridges and retrofit government buildings.

See, what Annie apparently believes is that the government has its own construction company.

Know what else she believes?

She believes that everyone who reads her missives is too stupid to find out for themselves what's actually in the stimulus package. She COUNTS on her readers to not be able to tell the difference between million, billion and trillion, and she counts on them to be jurors at her upcoming voter fraud trial.

In other words wingnut followers of Annie, she KNOWS you're stupid, and will believe anything she says. Otherwise, she wouldn't feel free to lie to you.

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