Margaret and Helen on Mann Coulter

If you haven't had occasion to check it out, you owe it to yourself to check out the blog "Margaret and Helen." They have been friends for more than 60 years, and their insight is just wonderful.

Their latest is Helen Philpot, posting on Ann Coulter's new book, and it's priceless. Here's a snippet:

Margaret, you are the only person for whom I would do this.  
Reading Ann Coulter’s book is like chewing aspirin without water.  
I just finished another chapter and I am sitting here wondering if
anyone has actually seen Ann using complex tools like a ball point pen
or say… I don’t know… a toaster?  After reading the 4th chapter of her
book I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she actually doesn’t even
have opposable thumbs. I could be wrong, but it is hard to believe that
the person who wrote this book is also capable of fine motor skills.

You might have to read these next lines more than once.  It is very
difficult trying to summarize the logic being used by Coulter in this
chapter titled: Witless Witnesses to History.  Try typing
that 10 times with no opposable thumbs and a size 17 foot in your
mouth!  I can only assume she was under deadline and needed to fill
some pages. 

According to Coulter, some Republicans are idiots because they write
books calling other Republicans idiots.  Now Margaret, help me out
here. Ann is calling some Republicans idiots for writing books where
they say nasty things about other Republicans, but in this chapter
alone Ann trashes about a dozen Republicans for doing this.  So doesn’t
that make Ann an idiot a dozen times over?  I hope you can follow that
because I read the whole chapter and I am still confused.

Now if the chapter was written by say – a sloth – then I might understand. But this book is written by a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author.
It says so right there on the jacket cover above the picture of Ann. 
Come to think of it, Ann is not only hiding her feet in that picture,
she is also hiding her thumbs.  I wonder…

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