McCain and Chambliss: The Devil DID Go Down to Georgia!

You know, I have
never cared for John McCain's politics, because he is an unabashed
conservative, who would only rarely take a stand against his conservative
brethren on anything important.  But I
always respected him; even though I disagreed with him, he had principles, and
stood by them most of the time.  If he
has won the Republican nomination in 2000, and beaten Al Gore, I wouldn't have
liked it, but we would have been better off than we ended up.


But that John McCain
is gone forever, I'm afraid.  When he
decided to run for president, he apparently sold his soul to the right wing
devils. Instead of rightfully referring to the religious right as "agents
of intolerance," he now has his tongue in their ears, and he's promising
to bear their children. Instead of laughing his ass off with derision at
assholes like Newtie and the Fox News bunch, he's kissing their asses and
offering to have their children.


In other words, not
that he cares what I think, but John McCain has moved gone farther down on my
shit list than Ralph Nader, and that's a pretty hefty drop. I have no respect
for the man anymore; he's now become 100% political whore, totally lacking in principles,
and he's forgotten everything he used to stand for. I don't know about you, but
after the personal shit Bush threw at him in the 2000 primaries, no one with
principles would ever have carried water for that man again. I mentioned his
tongue kissing of the religious right. But the most distressing aspect of John
McCain's political sell-out has to be his treatment of veterans and veterans'
issues. He's essentially a military hero, who's apparently forgotten what it's
like to be a military hero, or even a veteran.


I thought for sure
that, once McCain lost the election, he would begin to revert back to the old
McCain; the conservative McCain, with a principled streak.


I was wrong, and
it's a damn shame.


As I'm sure you're
all aware, there is a close race for a Senate seat in Georgia, between Democrat
Jim Martin and Republican Douchebag Saxby Chambliss. Since it looks as though
Ted Stevens will probably lose in Alaska, and it's quite possible Al Franken could
win the seat in Minnesota after a recount, you would think I would be concerned
about this seat because it would mean 60 seats for the Democrats.


You would be wrong.


Oh, it would be nice
to have 60 seats, but to be honest, I don't think we'll need them, for the most
part. After the drubbing the GOP received last week, I have a feeling it won't
be a difficult feat to get at least 2-3 Republican moderates to stop the obstructionist
filibusters going forward, at least on most issues. And since one of the 60
would be Lieberman, anyway, I'm not really all that sure we can count on 60
votes on foreign policy issues, anyway.


But the reason I
want Chambliss gone has more to do with Max Cleland than anything, and John
McCain should be ashamed of himself for supporting scum like Chambliss, given
what he did to Cleland, in order to get into office in the first place.


For those of you
with short memories, Max Cleland is a decorated Vietnam war hero, who left
three of his limbs in Southeast Asia, and who served the state of Georgia for
many years faithfully.  During the
campaign in 2002, Chambliss actually had the balls to attack Cleland "for
breaking his oath to protect and defend the Constitution."


When confronted
about his attack, Chambliss sent out a press release, claiming that Cleland had
"broken his oath" because he voted for an amendment to the Chemical
Weapons Treaty that eliminated a ban on citizens of terrorist nations being on
U.N. inspection teams in Iraq. The problem was, it wasn't a 99-1 vote; in fact,
56 Senators voted for it, and the majority included Bill Frist, who at the time
was Chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, and who personally
chose Chambliss to run for the seat.


Later, the Chambliss
campaign ran an ad which essentially compared Cleland — again, a war hero who
lost three limbs fighting for his country — to Osama bin Laden.


It wasn't just
Chambliss, either. The entire Republican propaganda apparatus geared up to
attack Cleland, to the point that none other than Ann Coulter – the clown
prince of the right wing (and yes, I spelled "prince" correctly)
actually told anyone who would listen that Cleland was no hero, because he
wasn't injured the right way, or some such nonsense.


Look; it’s one thing
to support your party, but why is it necessary for a Vietnam war hero to
support a man who is only in the position he's in because he slandered another
Vietnam war hero? I don't expect McCain to say nasty things about Chambliss,
but to personally go down to Georgia to brag about what a great guy scumbag
Saxby Chambliss is, well, that's just reprehensible.


I guess Charlie
Daniels was correct; the Devil Did Go Down to Georgia, and he found a lot of
souls to steal.

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