This is definitely Barack Obama’s election to lose, folks…

Word has come down that John McCain has chosen as his running mate Sarah Palin, the governor or Alaska.

Frankly, he would have done better choosing Mittens.

See, the idea behind choosing a Vice President is to select someone who can take over as president should the unthinkable happen and, let’s face it; the unthinkable is a bit more thinkable with McCain, given that he’s announcing this on his 72nd birthday.

Palin is 44 years old, she has almost no experience in politics, her greatest experience being a year and a half as governor of Alaska. She has no Washington experience whatsoever, which makes her even less qualified than Dan Quayle to become president should Geezer McCain crack. She’s the mother of FIVE children, including a Downs Syndrome baby she gave birth to this past April, after hiding the pregnancy from the public until the last month. (Given the "family values" of her Republican Party, one has to wonder why she kept it so secret — perhaps she and her husband were considering abortion of her Downs baby? I’m just saying…) And the Alaska Inspector General has just begun an investigation of her, in the state where the Republican Party most resembles the Mafia. And in this year where gas prices will likely be the number one issue, doesn’t it seem to be political suicide to choose someone with even closer ties to oil interests than even McCain himself?

Good choice, Senator McCain. Good choice for Obama, that is.


McCain-Palin? — 1 Comment

  1. I have to disagree in part. I think McCain was toast after last week. The Democrats united, Obama generated a massive audience, and with the fund raising and ground team Obama has, McCain was looking as a sure loser. Choosing Palin was a hail Mary, with as you note, with a much greater chance of being intercepted or falling short than actually scoring. But what else could he do? He had to try some kind of game changer, and she’s attractive and interesting. Moreover, I see Karl Rove on this one. Palin is LOVED by the GOP base, the social conservatives and gun fanatics. Rove’s argument has been the Republicans lose if their base isn’t energized; this is engerizing them. But the fact he needed to do this for the base shows just how weak McCain’s position is right now.
    So I think this was a smart political choice for McCain because he’s in such an awful position that he needs to try some risky high stakes gamble to even get back in the game.