McCain Trades Political Favors for Campaign Cash

The kind of thing I read in this morning’s Washington Post makes you wonder if John McCain’s psychology isn’t such that every time he does something good, he follows it up with something bad, just to even things out, and make sure he can still be a member of the Republican Party.Mccainfinger_2

See, there were these developers in Arizona, and they wanted to do a little land swap, so they could build 12,000 homes in Tempe, presumably to be purchased with the sub-prime scam loans that are causing such a problem. Well, at first, John McCain the sometime environmentalist was against it; too many people, and bad for the environment.

Then, the lobbyists for the developer started talking to him, and he went from being against it, to being their champion. Funny thing about those lobbyists; that developer knew just who to hire to get McCain to go for his idea; it was uncanny. They hired one of McCain’s former campaign managers, two of his former staffers, one of which is now he chief of staff for his current presidential campaign, and a major McCain donor, who is now bundling lots of checks for the presidential candidate.

it was amazing; they started talking to him, and within a short time, he was not only no longer against the land swap, he was championing legislation to make sure it happened.

Pretty amazing the influence these lobbyists have with "The Maverick," isn’t it? Oh, did I tell you; so far, his buddy, the lobbyist-bundler, has raised more than $100,000 for the McCain campaign. But that has nothing whatsoever to do with McCain’s support! Perish the thought…

Now, for those of you with short memories, this revelation comes just a couple of weeks after the New York Times reported that in 1999 McCain helped the aptly named Don Diamond, one of the senator’s top fundraisers, to obtain the land and water rights to a prime spot of California coastline after the closing of an Army base for $250,000. Two years later, Diamond sold that same land for $30 million. It wasn’t the first time he rewarded Mr. Diamond, either; in 1991 and 1994, McCain passed bills that purchased some of Diamond’s land for national parks, for either millions of dollars, or thousands of acres of other land.

Now, perhaps I’m naive, but aren’t these stories just a little more important than whether or not Barack Obama wears a lapel pin, or has a pastor with a big mouth?

Just asking…

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