McCain Whines Like a Republican

I have to tell you, no one in the world whines quite like a Republican who isn’t getting his way. Check this whimper from McCain regarding his fortunes thus far in this election. From McCain: Obama lead growing because ‘life isn’t fair’ –;

Sen. John McCain jokingly said Thursday that Sen. Barack Obama’s poll numbers are rising as the economy seems to sink "because life isn’t fair."

"He certainly did nothing for the first few days," McCain told Fox News
on Thursday. "I suspended my campaign, took our ads down, came back to
Washington, met with the House folks and got on the phone, and also had
face-to-face meetings."

Can you believe this whiner?

First of all, when "Simpering John" ran back to Washington, Congressional leaders had already been meeting to discuss a bailout plan, and by most accounts, he only got in the way.

Second of all, he didn’t "suspend a damn thing. He stopped actively campaigning for a day or two, but his ads were still running (I saw quite a few of them), and his campaign surrogates were all over the media, trying to tell us was a "leader" he was, because he pretended to suspend his campaign, and was absolutely ineffective in getting anything done.

Strangely, he even took credit for helping craft the bill and helping to bring Republicans on board to vote for it, less than an hour before it failed.

McCain probably is right about one thing; he’s losing because the
economy has gone down the tubes. But the reason he’s fallen so far
behind Obama is because he spent most of the campaign season tying
himself to Bush’s failed economic policies, and it’s disingenuous to
suddenly think you can just separate yourself from the disaster, and
people will buy it.

People are sick of your crap, Sen. McCain. They’re sick of your
peurile rants about Obama about everything but the issues, your
ignorance of the issues, and just as importantly, your seeming
disregard for the American people, in favor of a "win at all costs"
strategy, that has turned you into the same sort of politician you used
to actually hate.

Obama’s not winning because the economy is going bad. He’s winning
because your  actions in the face of economic meltdown have not done
you great service, and have shown you to be overly self-ambitious,
impetuous, and mind-numbingly petulant.

On September 15, just hours before you heard that two of Wall Street’s biggest financial institutions went under, Sen. McCain, you insisted that "the fundamentals of the economy are strong." The very next day, you told various network news organizations that you leaned toward deregulation, and that the problem was deregulation, and that you would insist on more regulations. On that same day, you demonstrated a lack of knowledge of the SIPC, repeatedly referring to it as the "SPIC." (An acronym that, I’m sure you agree, would be unfortunate, if it existed.)

On the same day you flip-flopped on deregulation, and demonstrated a lack of knowledge of the SIPC, you also claimed that bailing out AIG would be a major mistake. The next day, however, you claimed you supported the bailout.

Then, later that same day, you told everyone that, as president, you would fire the Chairman of the SEC, which a president is not authorized to do, of course, and "corrected" yourself by suggesting the head of the FEC resign. The FEC, of course, is the Federal Election Commission, and has nothing to do with economics whatsoever.

A couple of days later, you appeared on "60 Minutes" and said, “I think the deregulation was probably helpful to the growth of our economy.” You apparently forgot that the "growth" we’ve experienced for the last several years was actually a "bubble," and it is the deregulation of the economy that has more than likely caused the collapse.

That same day, even though you had spent several days supporting the $700 billion bailout, for which we would have to borrow, well, $700 billion, and despite the fact that you have spent this entire elction season decrying a quick pullout and end to the occupation of Iraq, you told the folks at MSNBC that you would be able to balance the federal budget in your first year, in spite of the looming recession.

And all of that was BEFORE you pretended to suspend your campaign and pretended to help pass the bailout bill that didn’t pass.

Like I said; self-ambitious,
impetuous, and mind-numbingly petulant.

The reason you’re falling behind is because the American people had enough of those qualities in the last eight years, thanks.


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