Meet the House, er, Republican

Them there Republicans must be so proud.

Just when you think they're done, and they're about to become inconsequential for a generation, they turn around and defy expectations and elect a chairman who is… um… well… a "keepsake," for the lack of a better term. You see, they've realized the errors of their ways, and they have chosen as their leader someone who… um… is unlike the bulk of Republicans, in that he… well, see for yourself…
Meet the House, er, Republican

Who the hell is Michael Steele, and what are his qualifications to run a major party? Well, that should be obvious. I mean, sure, he's never won public office running on his own. But he was a securities associate with Cleary Gottlieb for 7 years, right? You know, helping underwriters find investments. And hey! he's Mike Tyson's former brother-in-law; that must mean something… And of course, he's also Catholic, and actually goddamned near became a priest. Hmm.. wonder how that'll play with the base, given how they feel about that "Catholic cult" and all? Hmmm…

Can we talk, guys? Okay…

This is a guy whose only qualification for this post is that he's held the same post in the state of Maryland, one of the most Democratic states in the union. He was my boyhood "pal" Bobby Ehrlich's running mate in 2002, and he served four years as Lieutenant Governor. He ran a god-awful campaign for Senate in 2006, and with him as the titular kinda sorta head of the Republican Party, Maryland, which once had five Democrats and three Republicans in the House, now has seven Democrats and one Republican. His greatest claim to fame in public life has to be the time he claimed to have made a speech in which white Democrats threw Oreo cookies at him. That incident, of course was made up.

The RNC has elected an empty suit, folks.

Oh, did I mention, he was black? First black head of a major party. Wow. They might pull 5% of the black vote next time, huh?

Congratulate Michael Steele! Send him your Oreos!

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