Megyn Kelly of Faux News… a Lying Sack

Apparently, Fox News has decided the Jerry Springer Show should be their future model for "news" interviews.

For any of you who call us liars because we say that Fox News is full of shit about 90% of the time, we offer this interview. Not only is Megyn Kelly a liar, but she apparently thinks shouting the lies louder than someone else somehow makes them more true. She should be embarrassed., although she works for Fox — shame seems to be impossible for them. Watch the video, and I'll explain why she's a goddamn liar. (And Megyn, if you're reading this, I DARE you to sue me…):

Is that amazing, or what? First of all Megyn, you can't use the terms voter fraud and election fraud as if they both mean the same thing. They are not the same thing.

Voter fraud is when people vote who shouldn't, for whatever reason, or if they vote more than once. In other words, it's when a voter defrauds the system somehow. Got that? VOTER fraud is when a VOTER defrauds the system.Hence the term.

Election fraud is when someone defrauds the actual electoral process. In other words, when someone throws away votes, or changes the vote count purposely, or actively prevents someone from voting who is entitled to vote, or even prevents a recount of all votes; THAT constitutes election fraud.

Now, the dead horse that Fox News has been beating for months now regarding ACORN involves people they hired to go out and register voters. Those employees and independent contractors got paid for the registrations they turned in, and some of the registrations they turned in were phony.

Got that, Megyn? The employees working for ACORN turned in registrations that were not legitimate. ACORN didn't fill out these applications, their employees did, in order to get paid., by ACORN . Then, ACORN turned in the applications (and I STRESS, Megyn, these were applications, not VOTES!), because they have to by law in many states, but they also flagged the problem applications when they did.

I know it's difficult for you to concentrate, Megyn, but let's pretend someone filled out an employment application to work at Fox News. In that application, they told you they had been in TV news for 25 years, and through investigation, you find out they had only WATCHED TV news for 25 years. Who have they defrauded, exactly? If you don't hire them, where's the fraud? And would FOX be guilty of the fraud, or the liar who filled out the application?

These were APPLICATIONS for a voter registration. These workers filled out forms with fake information, and they were NOT registered to vote. In other words, there can't be voter fraud in trying to register Mickey Mouse to vote, because Mickey was not given a voter card.

One more time; it's only voter fraud if Mickey Mouse, a fictional character, actually shows up to vote.

And it can only be election fraud if someone at the registrar's office registers Mickey Mouse, Mickey actually shows up and votes AND it's counted. That is the only possible way a fraudulent voter REGISTRATION can possibly end up being election fraud.

What's happened here, Megyn, is voter REGISTRATION fraud. When a street worker fakes a voter registration application, it's a serious matter, of course, because it wastes a lot of time and taxpayer money. But it's not ACORN's fault. ACORN has no choice, in most cases, but to turn the applications in. They actually MITIGATED the damage, by flagging the offending applications. They do not have a legal right to make a judgment and throw the applications away; by flagging them, they are actually saving the state a lot of time and money.

As voter registration fraud goes, this type is actually very, very mild. There is another type of voter registration fraud that should be far more worrisome, yet Fox News seems to ignore them. For example, while they keep on jumping through hoops trying to make believe that a few people who faked a few voter registrations (and who in fact defrauded ACORN more than anyone, since ACORN paid them for these applications) somehow created a major schism in the electoral process, when such a thing is impossible, they are amazingly silent on the REALITY that as many as several million people were denied the vote through fraudulant means. You know, like being removed from voter rolls because your name is kind of like someone who might have committed a felony at some point in the past; why doesn't Megyn look into things like that, which really cost votes?

Once more, Megyn; if someone submits a voter registration application to ACORN with a phony name on it, ACORN flags it for the registrar, and no one with that name is ever registered, please explain the voter fraud, or election fraud to us. Now, please explain how ACORN is not the VICTIM of this voter registration fraud. And while you're at it, please explain why you get so pissed off at ACORN for this type of voter registration fraud, when you are absolutely silent about documented voter registration fraud in Florida and other places, that actually costs candidates millions of votes, and denies actual citizens their right to participate in the democracy.

And by the way, private organizations don't count for the census, you stupid moron. They only help the cenus people round them up, so that an accurate count can be had. If you hadn't been so goddamned rude, he would have told you that.

Megym Kelly is a liar, a rude idiot, and one more reason why Fox News is a fraud as a news organization…


Megyn Kelly of Faux News… a Lying Sack — 3 Comments

  1. Who would have ever thought that the most advanced (at least technologically) civilization in human history could be brought to its knees by a relatively small group of political pinheads? Amazing.

  2. As a liberal, I am not offended because Fox News nails us liberals. I am offended that there is no right wing grown ups to actually have debates with. The pathetic Republican party is run by bimbo’s like this at Fox News, Jow the Plumber and Rush Limbaugh. Uh, Right Wingers, please just go away and let the grown-ups fix the mess you people created.

  3. milt shook, hit A home run with this piece. megym kelly, needs to go back to school. on voter fraud. showed no respect for her guess at all. fox is (not) fair and balanced.