Michael Weiner-Savage Viciously Attacks Congressman Based on Religion

One more time; I will never excuse Don Imus’ remarks Savage
with regard to a group of young ladies playing basketball. But come on, folks!

Why is Imus singled out for his racist outburst, when Weiner-Savage engages in this kind of crap damned near every night; at least a few times a week.

His latest, courtesy of  Media Matters, manages to combine racism with religious bigotry that certainly wouldn’t be allowed when aimed at a Christian.

At issue was a recent speech
given by Rep. Keith Ellison, who just happens to be Muslim, to Atheists for
Human Rights (I can see wingnut heads spinning over the mere existence of such a group. How could an atheist possibly be in favor of human rights?)  The speech drew controversy, when he compared the Bush Administration’s response to the September 11 terrorist attacks (after Bush shit himself and ran away for a while, that is) with Hitler’s power grab after the Reichstag fires.  "After the Reichstag was burned, they blamed the Communists for it,
and it put the leader of that country in a position where he could basically
have authority to do whatever he wanted," Ellison said.

Now, I can see where uneducated wingnuts would see that comparison and be up in arms. Compare their hero to Hitler? How could anyone do that? Well, start with the Patriot Act, then the signing statements, the unauthorized spying on Americans, the secret prison network, the secret torture, holding prisoners indefinitely, without charges or counsel… yeah, I see there point; how could anyone call that a power grab, right?

So, Weiner-Savage responded with the following.

    How about the former member of the Nation of Islam who pretended he was reformed, Keith Ellison, Democrat in Minnesota, who ran for office, and he was elected by all the good liberals, including Jewish liberals, in Minnesota who thought he was going to be, "Right on! All power to the people. Bring it down, Keith. Right on, all power to the people. We’re behind you, man. Right on!"

So now Keith Ellison now calls Bush Hitler, thereby degrading what was done to the people by Hitler and diminishing what was done to the people by Hitler, and of course the "All-power-to-the-people-right-on" people don’t even know who Keith Ellison is. But he spoke at the Atheists for Human Rights organization. Now here’s a devout Muslim convert who’s speaking to Atheists for Human Rights. Now what would a devout Muslim radical have in common with atheists? Answer: hatred of Christianity and hatred of Jews. I’ll be right back.

Okay, let’s skip the part where he claims Ellison "call(ed) Bush Hitler," which is completely untrue, and Ellison "diminishing what was done to the people," which is also a complete fabrication. He discussed how Hitler consolidated as much power as possible after the Reichstags fires, which was true! See my above examples, and add to that the fact that Bush refuses to answer to the rule of law on anything. Sound familiar? Heil Dubya, perhaps? He’s not talking about the later Hitler, where he started using that power to exterminate people; he’s talking about the time when the German people sat back and let Hitler take all of the power for himself, and not have to answer to anyone.

So Weiner-Savage has proven he’s profoundly stupid. That’s not good enough for right wing radio listeners, apparently; he has to throw them some other bigoted red meat.

So, look at the religious bigotry in the above. First, he doubts Ellison’s conversion. This, from a guy who was once a flaming liberal, and about whom rumors fly with regard to his, um, possible "friendship" with Allen Ginsberg. Seriously; what is it about radical leftists who later become radical rightists, that they can change 180 degrees, but if someone else changes 20 degrees, they’re somehow suspect?

But the worst aspect of this, Weiner-Savage, who is apparently a Jew headed for Hell, if I were guessing, actually assumes that all Muslims and all atheists hate Christians and Jews. Just assumes that their religion makes them anti-Semitic.

Keith Ellison is not a radical Muslim, he’s Muslim. He’s speaking about history, not preaching hatred. The only radical here, speaking against religion in a bigoted way, is Weiner-Savage. Muslims and atheists don’t automatically hate anyone because of their religion.

So, what’s the Weiner’s excuse?


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