More Proof of Trump Lies About Russia

Last May, when Lord Donny decided to fire James Comey as FBI Director, we were given all sorts of ultimately phony reasons why. Hell, at one point, Trump himself said it was because of how Comey had treated “Crooked Hillary.” This was a “president” who was deep into full damage-control mode, so he did what came naturally; he lied about the reason. For example, he told NBC’s Lester Holt, “[Comey’s] a showboat. He’s a grandstander.” He also claimed, “The FBI has been in turmoil. You know that, I know that, everybody knows that.”

Even Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tried to pull the same nonsense, by lying that she had spoken to more than 50 FBI officials and employees and they agreed with Donny. That she apparently spoke to those “50 people” in less than 48 hours apparently wasn’t enough to warrant a follow-up question from the lapdog press gaggle, who hardly ever question anything the Trump regime does. Still, she went on to claim, “[Trump] knew that Director Comey was not up the task… He wanted somebody that could bring credibility back to the FBI. That had been lost over these last several months.”

As one would expect, all of the rationales given for Comey’s firing have been ridiculed in the press and very widely debunked. However, over the weekend, some FBI internal documents were released and they show just how off the mark Trump, Sanders and everyone else in the Donny Regime were in their claims.

This new stack of emails, which where received as a result of several FOIA requests by Lawfare Blog, showed that, by and large, the average FBI worker was shocked and saddened by the firing and that Comey was largely widely respected and admired. According to Lawfare, many FBI staff in a number of field offices actually went out of their way to deliver gifts to Comey after he was fired, which contraindicates the existence of major turmoil in the FBI. In fact, it indicates the turmoil was caused by the firing. Comey had just found out he was fired while he was visiting the Los Angeles field office and the now-former Director went out of his way to greet and thank the local police assigned to escort his motorcade through the city. Again, not exactly a tyrant.

Just after Comey’s firing, the FBI took the unusual step of releasing a statement from then-Acting Director Andrew McCabe about Comey firing, in which he requested that his staff “hang in there.” Again, that doesn’t sound like a Bureau that was in disarray, or suffering from apparent turmoil. The rest of the statement continued the sentiment, “As men and women of the FBI, we are at our best when times are tough. Please stay focused on the mission, keep doing great work, be good to each other and we will get through this together.” McCabe himself stepped down this past week, indicating that most of the “turmoil” in the FBI came from Donny, not Democrats.

None of that matches the “Ding Dong, the witch is dead” narrative at all.

According to Lawfare, the emails they received do not depict an agency recovering from the tyranny brought on by James Comey, but rather, an agency shocked by loss and trying to make sense of the and struggling increasing politicization of the Bureau by Trump and the increasingly radicalized Republican Party.

That trepidation seems warranted, especially since it continues to this day, what with the release of the “intelligence memo” which consists of bullshit made up out of whole cloth by Devin Nunes. The memo attempts and fails to make a case that the FBI’s investigations are hopelessly biased in favor of – wait for it – Democrats. As if the FBI was a radical left organization. The memo actually attempts to claim that a FISA warrant requested by the FBI to monitor Carter Page, a Trump campaign advisor and former Russian friend and business associate, somehow pointed to corruption at the Bureau’s highest levels. Apparently, Nunes and Trump forgot that the “highest levels” of the FBI right now are Republicans, nominated by Republicans. You know, like Trump and Nunes, for example.

There are many other problems with this asinine memo, such as the fact that It fails to even cite any of the underlying research and documents that led to the FISA warrant request. It also fails to mention that FISA warrants have to be approved by a judge, also appointed and approved by Republicans. Nor does it mention that Carter Page has been known to the FBI for years, , due to his frequent correspondence with Russian agents. The memo also did not note that Page was actually warned by the FBI that he was being recruited by Russian agents, long before the 2016 election. By the way, the Nunes memo also failed to mention the financial arrangements the Trump Organization has had with Russian interests for many years, or the $600 million in Russian financing that pulled Lord Donny out of bankruptcy a while back.

You know, because no Western banks will loan Donny any money. I sure hope Robert Mueller is investigating that. If there is anything that explains a motivation for Trump to undermine our democracy to service Russians, that would be it.

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