More Proof That the Parties are NOT the Same

Every time someone tells me there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans, I want to retch. It’s not even just bullshit. The concept is completely ludicrous in 2016. Look at the Klown Kar candidates they’ve put up for the last few presidential elections. I know you think Donald Trump is some kind of weird thing, but the fact is, it it not possible to even imagine the Democrats nominating anyone similar, ever.

I would never say either party Is perfect, of course because such a thing is impossible. But there is almost nothing about the Democrats that is evil. On the other hand, when you look at the current Repubican Party, what about them is not evil? If the Democratic Party has a problem, it’s that they pander to everyone who’s not a rich white man. But that’s because they do care about what the average person thinks and they want to make their lives better. On the other hand, the current incarnation of the Republican Party doesn’t give a shit what you think about anything, unless you have a billion dollars. Less than a billion and they couldn’t care less.

Do you need evidence? Why? It’s obvious. However, I’ll give you some, anyway:

  • Not one Republican voted for the stimulus package in 2009, which inarguably kept us out of a depression.
  • Not one Republican voted for health care reform, despite the fact that as many as 40 million people had no access to health insurance or doctors and millions were losing everything if they became sick or injured.
  • Not a single Republican proposed an alternative to the Affordable Car Act that would have changed the status quo significantly.
  • Since the ACA passed, Republicans have voted to repeal it 77 times, without a single replacement.
  • Even after the financial system collapsed and took $17 trillion in wealth with it, not a single Republican Senator voted to allow reform to make it to the Senate floor.
  • Republicans complain mightily about Dodd-Frank financial reform, which not only re-regulates the  financial system, but which also requires them to inform you when they are gambling with your money, and promise to repeal it, even though they have proposed nothing to replace it.
  • Republicans have killed dozens of jobs bills.
  • While they claim they want to stop jobs from going overseas, Republicans blocked a bill that would have killed an outsourcing tax credit.
  • Republican budget cuts have put nearly a million government workers out of a job, even as they complain about the “slow recovery.”
  • In six years, Republicans have not proposed a single minimum wage increase and they have killed several Democratic bills to do so.
  • Republicans have proposed several budgets that would have killed Medicare and replaced it with a voucher plan.
  • In the wake of a massacre of young children, Republicans refused to allow consideration of a bill that would require anyone who wants to buy a gun to undergo a background check, even though more than 90 percent of Americans want that.
  • Republican blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would give women a shot at equal pay for equal work, even though both times it had more than 50 votes.
  • Not one Republican voted for the Lily Ledbetter Act, which allowed women to sue for pay discrimination
  • Not one Republican voted for the anti-rape amendment.
  • Republicans have continually blocked bills to provide first responders with greater health care coverage for illnesses they contracted on 9/11.
  • Republicans blocked a 2014 vote on a $21 billion bill to expand Veterans benefits, then blamed Democrats for the failure. That was the seventh such bill they have blocked and they have blocked three more since, including one to provide additional help to homeless veterans.
  • While Republicans complain about Benghazi, Hillary Clinton actually asked for more money for the State Department security budget and Republicans refused. .
  • Republicans whine about immigration constantly, but not one of them has tried to pass any sort of meaningful immigration reform. In fact, they Bock it all constantly.
  • Republicans blocked the DREAM Act, which would have created a path to citizenship for those immigrants who have been here since they were small children.
  • Republicans have made deep cuts in SNAP/Food Stamps, school lunch programs, Head Start and a number of other programs for the poor, just to protect low tax rates on billionaires.
  • In 2013, 144 Republicans voted to default on the national debt.
  • At the same time, they shut down the government for half a month in an attempt to kill health insurance reform that they knew would never pass..
  • Republicans complained when the federal student loan system was moved under the federal umbrella, but then proceeded to double interest rates.
  • Republicans blocked an extension of unemployment insurance, which workers actually pay for.
  • Republicans blocked the 2013 Farm Bill for a long time and changed the bill in a way that would help corporate farmers and screw small and family farmers.
  • Republicans have repeatedly killed bills that would have required disclosure of the source of all political ads.

There is little comparable between the two parties. Democrats care about you, and Republicans couldn’t care less for you. That’s a BIG difference.


More Proof That the Parties are NOT the Same — 2 Comments

  1. I guess some people just think it sounds cool or they sound informed to say that both parties are really on the same side and that all those times that they’re really at each other’s throats are just for show.
    Their evidence for this is that they take donations from the same corporations. I’m not sure what that proves, but it seems to me that if they really were on the same side there would be nine Supreme Court Justices now.