No Democrat is Anything Like a Republican.

The cluelessness of the unicorn left has been in full flower over the past week, at least in my Twitter feed. Over the past few days, a few of them have decided to take me to task for my support of Doug Jones, who pulled off the largest upset in decades in the race to replace one Jefferson Beauregard Sessions in the U.S. Senate from Alabama. In all of their insipid “glory,” these complete idiots (a few were trolls, but not all) have decided to use both working brain cells to inform me that Senator Jones from Alabama was “basically a Republican.” They all pointed out the same one or two votes as examples to supposedly prove their point. In other words, they once again demonstrated the abject stupidity that has marked the number one reason why progressives have been stuck in neutral for decades. Yes, Doug Jones is more conservative than, say, Kamala Harris. But then, he represents Alabama, so get a clue.

At some point, these geniuses have to ask themselves a couple of really simple questions:

  1. First, under what alternate universe is a Democrat who “only” votes with other Democrats 86-90 percent of the time “basically a Republican”? I mean, Republicans vote with Democrats roughly zero percent of the time AND they propose the most despicable legislation one can imagine. There are no actual similarities between a Democrat from a very red state like Alabama and any Republican in the current party. None. No matter how much your professional left minders tell you what you’re supposed to think, when they tell you Senator Doug Jones is the same as Senator Roy Moore would have been, whip out your common sense for a change and tell them to piss off.
  2. The second question is, what’s the fucking point? If you’re going to sit there on Twitter or Facebook and claim stupid shit, at some point, you have to ask yourself what you hope to gain from that. By trashing Doug Jones and insinuating he is basically the same as Republican Roy Moore, you should at least have an end game for such stupidity. The reality is, there is nothing to be gained by trashing Democrats and falsely insinuating they are basically the same as Republicans. And since there is no point, you should give up politics and discuss something else, because you’re not qualified. And if the answer to the question is, “we have to tell the truth,” then you really need to shut the fuck up. First off, it’s not the truth. Unicorn and professional lefties lie every time they try to claim major similarities between the two parties. They have never been the same, but right now, the Republicans are the most corrupt and anti-American political party in US history and and the Democrats aren’t even close.

It’s bad enough we have to listen to egomaniacal right wingers; why do we have to listen to left wingers who are just as devoted to their own egos? The answer is, we don’t. I’m done with all of them. The Bernie Hardcores can kiss my ass. The unicorn progressives can take their “Chicken Little” act and shove it straight up their narrow asses. And the professional left – well, if they want to make a living with their pseudo-progressive bullshit, they need to understand that 95% of all progressives are actually mainstream. Most are in the Democratic Party, and most are actually close to the middle. And if you think you can’t be a “centrist” AND progressive, then you don’t know the meaning or either words. I mean, moving the country to the center would be an improvement over what we have right now, and since the root of “progressive” is “progress,” well…

Let’s make a few things clear:

  • A Democrat from Alabama or any other red state, or a red district in a blue state will NEVER be as “progressive” as one of your heroes. To expect it is purely childish.
  • When you advocate for a far left white liberal to win in a 55% Republican/right wing district, you are going to lose. Every time. If you manage to win the primary, you will lose the general.
  • Speaking of which, if your far left white liberal who says all the right things loses in the primary, you need to line up behind the Democrat.
  • There are TWO viable political parties in this country, at the federal, state and municipal levels. Voting for an independent or a “third party” right now is a vote for the GOP. If you haven’t figured that out after two terms of Bush and one of Trump, you are irretrievably stupid, so just shut up.
  • The “two party system” is not the result of conspiracy, it’s math. In our system, you can’t really have more than two viable parties. Many countries with our system only have one, so feel grateful.
  • For more than a half century, the Republican Party has been recruiting the farthest-right assholes in our country and they have allowed them to become their base. If you don’t support Democrats, you are essentially supporting them.
  • Right now, the Republicans are trying to destroy everything we love about this country and it didn’t start with Trump.
  • Using the term “Republican Lite” is a sign of pure political ignorance. There is no such thing.
  • The purge of “Blue Dogs” that occurred in 2010 and 2014 was just insane. That is what created the Tea Party/Freedom Caucus. It’s also a contributing factor to getting Trump. Most Blue Dogs voted with Democrats more than 90 percent of the time and none voted with them less than 70 percent. I challenge any professional lefty to point to a Republican replacement for a “Blue Dog” who had a more progressive voting record than the “Blue Dog.”
  • If you think “Bernie would have won” in 2016, you’re an idiot. If you think his chance of winning in 2020 is more than about 5 percent, you are delusional and need a new hobby.

If your criticism of a Democrat has no point, shut up. If it only serves your own ego, please shut up. And if you think any Democrat is as bad as or worse than any Republican at this time, you really need to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down. More people are sick of this shit than you can possibly imagine. Don’t take my word for it; get out of your bubble and look around you.

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No Democrat is Anything Like a Republican. — 1 Comment

  1. love your posting. I think you are on the money generally. There is a deeper issue though at play. After every election in the US both the right and the left go through the same delusional thought process. the reason we lost is that we were not “conservative enough” or not “progressive enough”. That is a delusion because most people in the US are not partisan ideologues and most people are pragmatic. They want to see political leaders who can work with others to craft policies that move the country forward but do not cost too much money or infringe on our dwindling liberties too much. Politicians who move to far to the right or too far to the left do not win Presidential elections for the most part. Trump i think won because he sensed the publics hatred of the status quo. Hillary won the popular vote but not in places that matter. Perhaps if she had showed up in the battle ground states she might have won, perhaps not. Bernie probably would have lost. Going forward democrats need to find a younger champion who can appeal to red state voters as well – i.e. is not too far left but still progressive enough. A woman could possibly win, but an hispanic on the top of the ticket might be a bridge a bit too far for now. For the republicans I would pick a moderate sucessful governor who can appeal to the middle, and is not too closely tied to the far right and is also not too closely tied to wall street. Unfortunately for them there are not too many of those around. Finally I hope that we have learned a lession and next time around some degree of competence in government and politics will be seen as a minimum standard so outsiders won’t win next time around. that’s my two cents worth.