No, Democrats did not “Cave.”

This idea that the Democrats “caved” on the truly shitty deal to reopen the government is such a stupid one, it’s hard to put into words. It shows an anti-Democratic bias that is completely out of place right now, especially among the left. Perhaps there was a time when it made sense to be anti-Democratic Party (although I can’t think of one), but right now is absolutely not the time. Right now, we have a Republican Party that is absolutely dysfunctional. They can’t run government, but they’re also cruel to the American people. It’s not just about Trump, although Trump is most certainly a symptom of just how bad the minority political party has become, especially over the last decade or two.

There was no “cave” on the part of Democrats here. Those who say that are just lying. The GOP held two demographic groups hostage in this shutdown drama, and they lost on both. Democrats got a six-year extension of the CHIP program AND they got a public commitment to consider a new DACA bill before February 8, or the government will shut down again. How is any of that a win for the Republicans? Yes, they got the government back open, but it never should have been closed in the first place. It’s purely irresponsible and it’s all on the GOP. If we care about this country, we have to make that crystal clear to everyone.

Yes, I agree with most people that the DACA part of the deal is tenuous because we can’t trust Republicans. Yes, there is a likelihood they will renege on the DACA part of the deal, but you know what? If and when that happens, we deal with them. And we don’t deal with Democrats for believing Republicans. We deal with the fact that Republicans simply never tell the truth and they always back out of the promises they make. That is what we should be doing all the time.

Politics is the art of compromise. I know you’ve heard that cliche before, but sometimes, cliches are true. No one in the history of politics and democracy has ever received 100 percent of everything they want. The left wing and right wing do not understand this. They want everything they want and they see compromise as weakness. They use childish words like “cave” to describe a party that compromises because they don’t seem to realize that getting 55 percent of what you want is better than getting 25 percent. They take the position that anything less than 100 percent is unacceptable and they take the concept of a “fight” so literally, they think anything short of a knockout is unacceptable. Those professional lefties who were all over the media claiming Democrats “caved” should consider that is the exact word Donald Trump used. This is a man with the least sophisticated political sense of anyone in public life. Do you really want to sound like him?

Could the Democrats have gotten more? Possibly. But they got an extension of CHIP and they got a commitment on DACA. And if Republicans break that commitment, then we have another opportunity to smack them in November.

We have a lot to do, but there is nothing more important than ridding the government at all levels of as many current Republicans as we can manage. When professional lefties and unicorn progressives whine and cry about how horrible Democrats are, it becomes harder to accomplish that feat. We can’t afford to have Republicans in government anymore, so stop lying about Democrats. They didn’t cave.

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No, Democrats did not “Cave.” — 4 Comments

  1. Michelle Goldberg at the NY Times is one of the biggest perpetrators of anti-Democratic Party garbage writing coming from the Left. I wish she would read your post. With friends like her, who needs Fox News. Thank you again for another good article.

  2. Milt, this is the clearest, most unequivocal statement I’ve seen on this point. It’s SO clear that the far-lefties, like the far-righties, do not know how government and governing work down in the trenches. They want what they want, and they want it NOW. They wouldn’t last a week in an actual governing job, even at the dogcatcher level. Makes my teeth hurt.

  3. I want to share this (like many of your past blog entries) on Facebook. But no FB icon in the share group? Why?

    • There must be something wrong with your WiFi. It’s the first icon listed on every post.