No More Democrat Bashing: But What Does That Mean?

We really do have to be careful. If we spend time trashing Democrats because we are trying to “help” our favorite candidate, there are a few things we have to keep in mind:

First of all, we have to be aware that going after another Democrat will have zero positive effect on our favorite candidate. Almost no sane voter will ever vote for, say, Bernie Sanders because you trashed Mayor Pete or Elizabeth Warren. That type of quality is reserved for fanatics like the trump cultists.

Second of all, there is no task more important this election year than defeating the Republican Party once and for all. Trump has to go, of course, but if the Republican Party doesn’t become a relic of the past, we have not done our job. Once again, Trump is not the problem, he’s a symptom, the inevitable result of GOP policies over the past 40 years. If we only get rid of Trump, it’s like it’ll be like cutting out part of a cancer, but leaving masses all over the body politic, to metastasize and kill us from a different perspective.

In any case, since we have to get rid of the current version of the Republican Party, and most voters vote out of habit, that leaves us with Democrats. Democrats have to win for a while; at least 2020, 2022, 2024 and 2026, and quite possibly longer. Do not worry about turning the system into a one-party system because it won’t happen. Nature and politics abhor a vacuum, so either another party will take its place or the GOP will reconstitute without the white supremacist/Neo-Nazi wing that serves as their “base” right now.

Of course, that means the Democratic Party will have to be stronger than ever. More than anything, voters will have to be able to depend on Democrats to always be the “Party of the People” – all of the people, not just a few. Right now, that means no more of the white “progressive” nonsense about the two major parties being the same. It’s not true and it makes too many voters think they can vote for anyone and it won’t make a difference.

And we really have to stop trashing Democrats. But what does that mean, exactly?

Well, it doesn’t mean you have to fully support every Democrat. It also doesn’t mean you can’t criticize any Democrat running for office, either. You are also allowed to speculate about a Democrat’s chances of winning the nomination. However, we should always stick to politics and issues and not get personal about any Democratic candidate, since we don’t know who will end up winning the nomination. I know many of you think you know, but in this day and age, in which the concept of “normal” has been breached and damn near destroyed, everything you think you know has been stood on its ear.

Let’s use 2016 as an example…

In the beginning, Bernie Sanders was expected to influence the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, and that’s all. Many claimed to believe Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in for the nomination and the best any Bernie Stan could hope for was to have a hand in the party’s General Election platform. In the beginning, most figured that, if Bernie got 20 percent of the primary vote, it would be a “moral victory.”

However, when the voting started, Sanders started to get more votes than Bernie supporters had ever imagined. However, rather than being grateful for such good results, many Bernie Stans started to believe he was in line to win. And in their newfound zeal and due to their political lack of maturity, they apparently thought the best way to “help Bernie” was to tear down Hillary Clinton.

Keep in mind, Hillary was a perennial “most admired woman in politics” for decades and her image was one of a progressive “go-getter.” Yet, after Bernie won New Hampshire, Bernie fans started regurgitating most of the smears of Hillary that most of them had fought like hell against during the 1990s. She was not just criticized as a “centrist,” which would have been fine; Bernie Stans called her a “crook” and labeled her as “dishonest” and a “warmonger,” among other like body slams. The far lefties chose to adopt a “Bernie Worship” position, while also attacking Hillary mercilessly. Even as it became apparent that Republicans were going to nominate Donald Trump, Bernie’s most loyal “fans” spent most of their time attacking Hillary.

We’re not talking about discussions of policy differences, which were minimal at best. While the fact is, Hillary’s and Bernie’s positions on most issues were almost identical, the Bernie Stans tried to make it seem as if she was a Republican. They went overboard with the claims that Republicans and Democrats were two sides of the same coin, which was ridiculous, while they started acting as if Bernie deserved to win, and was only not winning because Democrats had “rigged” the system in favor of Hillary Clinton. Worse, instead of appealing to the Democratic “base,” which was/is primarily made up of People of Color, especially Black women, the far left white liberals who formed the “Cult of Bernie,” acted as if they were the Democratic base themselves and proceeded to undermine the Democratic Party’s most loyal voters.

Though they succeeded in attracting attention to Bernie Sanders and over-achieving to a certain degree, calling Hillary Clinton “dishonest” and undermining her candidacy for two solid years with the same complaints right wingers had been hawking since the 1990s, all of which had been debunked years earlier, had to have cost her enough support to make it possible for Donny to steal, which he did, with the help of Russian intelligence operatives. Keep in mind, her loss came down to less than 77,000 votes in three swing states.

And let’s be clear; I blame Bernie Stans to a much greater degree than I blame Bernie himself. Bernie does have some agency regarding what we have in the White House right now, but his far-left liberal cult deserves more blame. Hillary Clinton was hands down one of the best and most qualified people to EVER run for president, and it was/is dishonest to claim otherwise. The choice was between lifelong grifter and business loser Donald Trump, who was running to be the “Boss of America” and Hillary Clinton, who has spent her entire adult life in service to women and the poor. If you attacked her for any reason, you made a conscious choice to allow Trump the opportunity to steal the seat, much like George W. Bush did 16 years earlier.

Calling a Democratic candidate for any office “Republican Lite” is an insult, and it is almost always inaccurate. When Bernie Stans equate Republicans and Democrats in any way, they encourage lower turnout. Consider; if you’re trying to decide which party to vote for and both sides of the equation are saying the same thing, why would you choose the Democrat? And let’s be clear; one reason so many people stay home on election days is that, while they hate the Republican Party, they are being told by everyone that there is little to no difference between the two parties. Where is the incentive to show up, if it makes no difference who you vote for?

IN the current environment, we have to support Democrats everywhere, at every level of government. It has been imperative for years that we get rid of the current version of the GOP, but now, it’s become a crisis that can only be resolved by electing Democrats to replace Republicans. Because Republicans are prone to cheating, the best way to do that is to flood the polls with voters. If turnout everywhere is above 60 percent, Republicans will rarely win, so if we get closer to 70 percent turnout, we will be rid of the current GOP within a few election cycles.

Let’s do this. Surely, you’re tired of hearing this, but this really is the most important election of our lifetime because it’s the perfect time to get rid of the worst in our system, meaning Trump, but also meaning the rest of the party that was/is dysfunctional enough to nominate him.

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