No Room for Progressive Complacency

We really can’t afford to be complacent. I mean that more literally than I have ever meant it. Yes, I know – every election in the last 20 years has been “the most important in our lifetime.” You’re tired of hearing it. That’s just too damn bad, to be honest. You could make a case that it was hyperbolic in 1980, but certainly not now and, frankly, not since at least 1988. We have allowed the Republican Party to have too much power for almost 40 years now and it’s time we stopped doing that. It finally looked like we turned the corner in 2008, but then we let them back in in 2010 and 2014. In fact, not only is 2016 the most important election in our lifetimes, but 2018 and 2022  will be the most important mid-terms in our lifetimes. I mean, come on; Democrats have run far more progressive candidates for president every election since 1980 and only two of them have won. Then, both times, you cut their legs off and handed Congress to the far-less-progressive GOP. Seriously, no one gives a fuck what you’re sick of, unicorn progressives. Many progressives like me are sick of losing, and that is in no way hyperbolic. Why aren’t you more sick of it?

When Republicans have an inordinate amount of control, every election is crucial. Period. The GOP of our youth is gone and has been replaced by an ever-more radical right wing base that is nothing short of batshit crazy. They are not interested in doing much; their only real goal is to prevent Democrats from doing anything. That makes them dangerous, not just incompetent. If you claim to be a progressive and you don’t understand how important it is to get rid of the GOP, you’re deluding yourself with the whole “progressive” self-designation.

Like I said, we can’t afford to be complacent. In Donald Trump, we have a Republican presidential candidate who is remarkably unqualified and demonstrates neither competency nor skills, but who demonstrates a tendency to want to appeal to the worst elements of our society. He’s a liar and a con man whose only goal is to “win.” He has no intention of  doing anything for the American people,  he just wants to win because the only thing that matters is his ego. And let’s be real here; the only reason he won the Republican nomination is because the press spent the better part of a year fawning over him, giving him an estimated $2 billion in free publicity during the primaries. No one thought he could win because most of us gave  the RNC a little more credit than they apparently deserved. Other joke candidates had run in the past, so why would one of them suddenly win now? It’s because of the media. And they will do it again. Sure, Trump is losing bad now, but the press really hates Hillary and strongly believes that they make more money in a close race, so they will do something to make the race seem closer.

Do not take it for granted that Trump will lose and lose badly. We thought that in 2000, remember? Everyone assumed that Gore could beat Bush no matter what we said about him and, well, have we forgotten what happened already? And Trump is much worse than Bush ever dreamed of being. Bush had his father’s friends to help out and, while you can bitch about their politics, at least they could keep him doing what a dictator would like to do. Look at the simps and sycophants Trump as hired for his campaign; do you see any signs that he’ll be able to get and keep competent people in his White House?

But this is about more than just Trump. This is about the Republican Party. Now, you can whine and cry about the Democrats’ refusal to give you a unicorn, but when it comes to running the government in a competent manner, they are absolutely preferable to what passes for Republican these days. And this is the greatest opportunity ever to get Republicans out of office in droves. They have a joke running for president because that is what the party has become. He should have no coattails, except that the progressive movement isn’t doing its job. Most of the professional left is gobsnacked by more Hillary Clinton emails and they’re obsessed with repeating that her “favorables” are really low, which hasn’t been true since the convention a month ago. In most surveys she is right around 46 percent, which is understandable given that the right wing has been after her for 30 years and the Bernie Stans are repeating those lies constantly.

There isn’t a progressive in the country who shouldn’t be repeating, ad nauseam, if necessary, that Trump is the epitome of the Republican ideology. He is what they stand for; he’s what they have worked for all these years. I’m sitting here in Arizona right now and I’m being bombarded with ads for John McCain, who is running against a Tea Party moron, and he’s doing so by essentially adopting Tea Party rhetoric. The entire GOP is incestuous and they all largely stand for the same things. They can deny Trump all they want, but for God’s sake, are the Senate under Mitch McConnell and the House under Paul Ryan really that different from him? The Republican Party has no ideas about anything and they ruin everything wherever they can. Look at what’s happened to Michigan and Wisconsin with Republicans in charge; the city of Detroit is making a huge comeback, but they’re having to work against the Republican Governor to do it. The Democratic government of Flint didn’t make the decision to screw with their water; that was state Republicans who did that.

Democrats will probably take a majority in the Senate this year. Yet, all I see from the professional left are complaints that it won’t matter, since they probably won’t have 60 seats and they complain mightily that Chuck Schumer will probably be named Majority Leader when that happens.  Democrats also have a great chance to take back a majority in the House, except that the professional left keeps telling me why it can’t happen, even though it can. Might it be a narrow majority? Sure, but it’s better than the alternative. And here’s the fun part. If the Democratic House passes 375 bills that are killed by filibuster, we can make up for 2010 by winning more Senate seats in 2018 and making a filibuster impossible.

The professional left approach to this election is the epitome of complacency. Progressives think all they have to do is wish for shit and it happens, which is beyond ridiculous. It’s also painfully obvious that it doesn’t work that way, given the history of the last 40 or so years.

Do you want a third party to vote for? Do you really want a “revolution”? Well, guess what, unicorn progressives? You can’t have either of those with the GOP in charge of government. Period. And if Democrats don’t win, we could even lose out in the courts. Can you imagine Trump nominating three Supreme Court Justices? For that matter, can you imaging the compromises a President Hillary Clinton will have to make in her Supreme Court nominations with a Republican Senate in place? For that matter, what if a McConnell-led Senate decides to stall on approving nominees for another four years and one or two other Justices die? The Notorious RGB may not last that long. You don’t think a 4-3 Court, with Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Kennedy in the majority won’t be a problem? You think they’ll overturn Citizens United? In the extreme, how do you think the courts will work with four years of Trump nominees in the lower courts, especially with a McConnell Senate rushing them through?

This is the most important election of your lifetime. And so will be 2018, 2020, 2022 and 2024. It’s time to get rid of the neocon influence on government. We have to be done with them if this country is to move forward. If you don’t think so, you’re not really as “progressive” as you think.


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  1. If the American Left fail to turn up to vote at ANY Election it has effects all over the world. There is more War; more Financial meltdown; more Globalisation; more poor; more Corporate Tax evasion; more corruption; more deaths. Wise up and vote!!