Nothing Wrong With Democrats, Bernie!

I keep being told that there is something fundamentally wrong with the Democratic Party. Apparently, their “strategy” is lacking and that is why they keep on losing to the reprobates who represent the Republican Party. I am told repeatedly that Democrats don’t “fight.” I’m told that Democrats are just as beholden to “Wall Street” as Republicans. I am told they don’t shout loudly enough and that they don’t take on the GOP mano-a-mano quite often enough. I keep hearing that the reason Democrats lose is because they don’t do what the right wing does.

There are TWO PROBLEMS with these assessments.

One is, they’re all complete and utter horseshit. I mean, not a single one of those is true; not even close to true.

The other problem is more troubling, in that, these admonitions about “what Democrats need to do” is coming from NON-Democrats. They come from white liberals who have been sitting around waiting for shit to happen for a half century. I mean, they whine about the “two-party system,” but they have done nothing to create an alternative. They simply live to whine. They spend far more time whining about the Democratic Party than actually doing something to stop the Republican Party’s excesses.

Two days ago, Bernie Sanders wrote an op-ed in the New York Times, entitled, “How Democrats Can Stop Losing Elections,” that was, to repeat a phrase, complete and utter bullshit. This is a man who has never identified as a Democrat, has never really campaigned as a Democrat and who had more to do with Hillary Clinton’s loss than anything the Democrats did or did not do. Here’s how the article started:

In 2016, the Democratic Party lost the presidency to possibly the least popular candidate in American history. In recent years, Democrats have also lost the Senate and House to right-wing Republicans whose extremist agenda is far removed from where most Americans are politically. Republicans now control almost two-thirds of governor’s offices and have gained about 1,000 seats in state legislatures in the past nine years. In 24 states, Democrats have almost no political influence at all. (Source)

First of all, Hillary only lost because Republicans, with the possible help of Russia, cheated. Democrats gained seats in the House and Senate and even made net gains in state legislatures. They weren’t enough, but that wasn’t the Democrats’ fault. When you have far right AND FAR LEFT screaming about how crooked and horrible Hillary was and is and how the entire Democratic Party is corrupt, well, what does anyone expect? The culprit was low turnout. Again.

And why does Bernie think turnout was low? Who cares, really? Who the FUCK cares to listen to a “movement” that deludes itself as much as the Trump faithful do, just in the other direction? What the hell has the far left won over the last 50 years? They sabotaged Democrats enough to hand presidential elections to Nixon, Reagan, Bushes 41 and 43 and, of course, Donald Trump. And they have been sabotaging Democrats in mid-term elections for a half-century, as well.

Yes, that’s what I said; the far left NON-Democrats constantly sabotage Democrats and THAT is why they lose.

Pay close attention to the time frame Bernie chose for his whine. NINE YEARS. Hmmm… what happened nine years ago? I dunno… the largest electoral victory in 40 years. The election of the first black man in history and the largest Democratic wave election in a generation. In other words, nine years ago, Democrats convinced the electorate that they could do everything that needed to be done to fix the economy and the other damage Republicans had done. Barack Obama led the way, with a message of hope and positive change and the nation bought it. THAT is how you win elections. Everything Barack Obama and the Democrats did in 2008 (and 2006) was what they always do. Ironically, they already do everything that Bernie Sanders suggests in his whiny column. They passed health insurance reform and they would like to improve on it. They have led the charge to replace fossil fuels with alternative energy. They restored about 80% of the controls on the financial sector that the GOP took away previously. They made Wall Street and the banks pay for the next bailout. They would like to create 13 million jobs through infrastructure improvements, but the GOP blocks everything. it was Democrats who shamed Republicans into passing a highly bill that will create 2-3 million new jobs, after all. Not lefty “independents,” but Democrats.

One reason the far left sucks at politics is, they have deluded themselves into believing they know what motivates “most voters,” while they have no clue. Bernie Stans, take note: the American public is NOT motivated by fear. They never have been and they never will be. If you believe that bullshit, then explain why the far left, which is all about acting like Chicken Little and telling us the sky is falling, hasn’t won shit since 1966. I mean, Jesus Christ, folks, that’s more than 50 years! Why the FUCK would we listen to people who have been losing for 50 years? I mean, for chrissakes, people; who the fuck is Bernie to school Democrats on winning nationwide? I know his strongest supporters are deluded into believing the primaries were close, but they weren’t. At no time was Sanders even within striking distance of the nomination. Hillary won almost all primaries in which Democrats actually voted; the vast majority of states that went to Sanders were those using the un-democratic caucuses. She bested him by more than 12 points among votes cast during the primaries; if she had won by that many votes in the general election, we would have avoided the national nightmare we’re enduring now.

(As an aside, please stop telling me Bernie would have won. There is no evidence to support that. Turnout was low, which is why Trump won, and there is zero evidence it would have been significantly higher with Sanders as the nominee. The last time Democrats nominated a full-on liberal was in 1972 and look what happened.)

There is something else significant about 2008, in that it was also the first time lefty “independents” worked WITH Democrats instead of against them since 1972, when they tricked Democrats into nominating the very nice but politically inept George McGovern (see above). Bill Clinton won in spite of the left, not because of them and the far left torpedoed Kerry, Gore, Dukakis and Carter. Again, with the far left working WITH Democrats, They came within a hair’s breadth of having a supermajority in the Senate and they won a large majority in the House. They also won most state houses that year.

There was just one problem. The professional left and the far left built up this image of President Obama as a god, of sorts. They were so proud of having elected a “black president” that the white liberal independent left projected an image of him as “Mr. Progressive,” a superhero who could end the GOP excesses with the stroke of a pen. They didn’t seem to notice that President Obama was a screaming moderate, or “centrist,” if you will. They were also operating under the delusion that Democrats had a magical 60 votes, which was untrue, and they started immediately with trashing Obama and Democrats as “disappointments.” I mean, they were merciless. Their rhetoric revealed that they expected him to reverse everything Bush did within the first few months, even though he and the Democrats had an economy to fix. The worst recession since the Great Depression, and they expected him to just end the two wars and come home, pass a single-payer health insurance bill, stop us from using any fossil fuels, fix global warming and cure cancer.

I mean, the (now) Bernie Stans bitched about everything. The Stimulus wasn’t large enough. New Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was a corrupt product of Goldman Sachs (neither of which were true). They even bitched about (and I wish I was kidding) the preacher he chose to give the invocation at his inauguration. Democrats were able to patch a hole in the job-loss dike, they managed to slow down the number of foreclosures and end the recession within a few months, but no one on the far left noticed. They also submitted and debated the Affordable Care Act for a year and kept it alive after the far left damn near killed it twice. The far left (now) Bernie Stans demanded a “public option,” which was already in the original bill, but they couldn’t even decide on what that term meant. If you want to know who killed the public option, it was the far left (non-Democratic) “independents” who now think of Bernie Sanders as a God. They like to talk about how great they are at “organizing,” but there were about a dozen versions of “the public option” out there.

Bernie Sanders’ op-ed includes this:

While Democrats should appeal to moderate Republicans who are disgusted with the Trump presidency, too many in our party cling to an overly cautious, centrist ideology. The party’s main thrust must be to make politics relevant to those who have given up on democracy and bring millions of new voters into the political process. It must be prepared to take on the right-wing extremist ideology of the Koch brothers and the billionaire class, and fight for an economy and a government that work for all, not just the 1 percent.

Democrats have always fought for a government that works for all, and not just the one percent. The strongest support for Democrats comes from the following:

  • Labor unions (working people)
  • Black people, especially black women;
  • Latinos, with the exception of Cuban-Americans, who are still upset of the Bay of Pigs debacle nearly 60 years ago;
  • Women of all races, creeds and walks of life;
  • LGBTQ people, who just now are starting to see equal rights, thanks to Democrats;
  • Immigrants, especially first and second-generation.

The people above are the Democratic base now. The only people who have “given up on democracy” are, ironically, white liberal “independents.” They spend every day of their life trashing Democrats and they constantly whine about the “two-party system,” which arose out of DEMOCRACY. What the fuck do these people think? That a few elites decided we would just have two parties? No! The two dominant parties became that was through votes.

And if Bernie Sanders and the white liberal “independents” think the Democratic Party should cater to them, then they’are not very bright. Yes, I said it, because too few others are willing to point it out. Bernie Sanders’ strongest supporters are almost all white, overwhelmingly male and they are acting out of a form of white privilege that they deny every chance they get. They are white privileged on steroids. They act as if they are oppressed in some way; that the Democratic Party has somehow screwed them over. So, here’s the question; if all of the above groups vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party every single election, and we KNOW they have been oppressed traditionally, what the FUCK are the white liberal Bernie Stans whining about? Who do they imagine they represent when they’re talking about “grass roots”?

Here’s the deal, and it really is this simple. there are TWO viable political parties in this country. TWO. That means, in pretty much every election, there is a Republican and a Democrat to choose from. If, like Bernie, apparently, you think you have the LUXURY of demanding that the Democratic Party adhere to your demands, then look in the mirror, because YOU are the problem. And if you are still using the word “centrist” as a pejorative, as Bernie does, then you don’t understand democracy. In almost every case, democracy chooses a “centrist” for office because they HATE the far left and the far right. BOTH of them. People vote for competence and confidence. they do not vote based on fear. But then, if they DID vote based on fear, as you people surmise, which party should strike the most fear, anyway? To any rational person, progressives who think people should be fearful should be pro-Democratic Party, if for no other reason than it gets rid of the biggest problem, which is the GOP.

Last year, the Trumpies and the Bernie Stans used the same tired “our country is a shithole” meme for most of the election. Turnout was 49%; the lowest since the far left helped elect George W. Bush.

In 2008, Barack Obama pushed a centrist agenda and pushed for Hope and Change, and turnout was more than 58%. He and Democrats swept to huge victories almost everywhere.

In 2010 and 2014, the far left trashed Democrats and pushed the whole, “we are screwed” theme. Turnout was 38% and 37%, respectively, and Republicans won both in a wave.

There is one lesson to learn. Get turnout up, and Republicans, as they exist right now, will always lose.

Grow the fuck up, far lefties. Democrats are NOT the problem, you are. Before you get to lecture us on what Democrats have to do to win, you might have to put together a winning streak of your own. The House Progressive Caucus started with 72 members in 1992. It now has 68, which would indicate that your lectures lack substance. If you need for Democrats to do “certain things” before you’ll support them or vote for them, you’re not even progressive, so stop pretending.