Obamacare is NOT a “Failure.” Please, Journalists… Cut the Crap!

How tired are you of hearing damned near everyone with a microphone or a computer speak about the Affordable Care Act rollout as if it’s an abject failure? Seriously, listen to them, and you’d swear “Obamacare” was imploding as we speak.

Do these geniuses really think Obamacare is just a website where you sign up for health insurance? It’s not just the “mainstream media,” whatever the hell that is; I even hear this meme on progressive talk radio. They make it sound as if the failure of the website has collapsed the entire ACA, which is absurd. The ACA covers around 35-40  million of the 50 million previously uninsured. FrDid anyone in their right mind think all 35-40 million were supposed to sign up through one website? For that matter, does anyone truly believe Americans are so technically “savvy” that they can’t sign up for something unless it’s through a website?

Is this what passes for imparting information these days? If so, it’s no wonder no one reads/watches the news anymore. Why would they? If we want to read or watch BS, there’s Mad Magazine or the Daily Show; at least they’re honest about it.

Let’s just deal with the facts, shall we?

First of all, the ACA improves everyone’s health insurance. Most people never get sick, so they had no idea their insurance company wouldn’t just pay for anything their doctor decided was necessary. Speaking as someone with a pre-existing condition, and as the son of someone whose parent was denied for a simple procedure, your insurance used to suck. (Oh, my parent whose $5,000 procedure was denied, damn near died because of that denial.) You insurance policy will now pay for procedures they used to fight. There are no denials for any reason, except non-payment of premiums.  There are no lifetime and annual limits. No one with insurance will ever again be forced into bankruptcy court because of medical bills. Without Obamacare, 60 percent of all bankruptcies listed health care bills as major debts.

Of course, the website rollout didn’t go well. But it’s a disappointment, not a crisis. The maximum number of signups via the website was supposed to be 7 million. If that sounds like a lot, consider that upwards of 230 million people are signing up for health insurance during this first open enrollment of the ACA era. That means, AT MOST, three percent of enrollees were supposed to go through the web portal, and 97 percent of enrollees were going to sign up outside of the website.  Since when is three percent failure considered a crisis, anyway? If unemployment was three percent right now, we’d all be happy as clams.

Another fact the press is largely ignoring; the only reason the website even had to deal with seven million in the first place is because 27 Republican governors decided to thumb their nose at the law, and refused to set up an exchange in their state. Why aren’t these reporters noting that the 23 states with exchanges are having few or no problems signing people up? If Republicans had done their job, and not denied their state’s residents access to the new health insurance choices, there would be less of a burden on the federal website, and the press would have less to whine about.

And can we get real? There is nothing more pathetic than watching Republicans who have spent early four years trying to kill Obamacare suddenly bitching  because they can’t sign up fast enough.

Another thing; even those seven million potential signees on the website have other options available, and many are using them. They can make a 15 minute phone call to sign up, and they can go to a local office anywhere in the country, even in the states whose Republican governments are screwing them. So, where’s the problem, really?

All of those who get insurance through their employer — which is the vast majority of people — are signing up with nary a hitch. This time, that group includes people who have previously been denied insurance, people with sick children who had previously reached their lifetime limit, people with pre-existing conditions, people with cancer, and many other groups who had been denied access to the health care system previously.

All we hear about is that stupid website.  It’s a website, people! Most people will NOT get their new, improved and affordable insurance through it, and those who planned to do so have other options available. This does not mean Obamacare is a failure. Put it this way; tens of millions of people had no access to health insurance under the previous system. Now, they have access to better, more comprehensive health insurance, mostly at a price they can afford. Which is worse, really? Having to make a phone call because a website is down,  or being denied access to health care altogether?

The way they’re howling and screaming about the website, it seems it’s the press that’s the failure.

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